Monday, December 7, 2020

It's everything to do with the soil

Sow for yourselves righteousness; reap in mercy; 
break up your fallow ground, for it is time to seek the Lord, 
till He comes and rains righteousness on you.

Hosea 10:12

The people of Hosea's day had become hardened to God's Word. They had heard it many times before and had grown apathetic to what God required of them. God's solution was for them to break up the fallow ground of their hearts. They were to allow Him to soften their hardened hearts. When the earth was dry and crusty, the farmer would plow to loosen the soil so it was receptive to the seeds and the rains that would give life to the crop. Likewise, God's people were to break up the sinful barriers in their lives that prevented God's Word from penetrating their hearts. Then, said Hosea, God would give life and refresh them by raining down on them in righteousness.

As Christians, we must continually cultivate our hearts and minds so that they are receptive to whatever God tells us. John the Baptist exhorted those around him to prepare for Jesus’ coming. We, too, can remind others to prepare their lives so that God's righteousness will penetrate and fill their lives. We can urge them to repent when we see sin sinking into their lives. We can share the joy that God's Word brings us and encourage our friends to seek God's will also. We can tell of the blessings that have come to us as a result of our obedience. We can help to break up the fallow ground in the hearts of those around us.
Hosea admonished God's people to seek the Lord until His righteousness rained down upon them. We should immediately cultivate our heart whenever it starts to become hardened toward God. If we keep our hearts prepared, we will be ready when God's Word comes to us. - Blackaby Experiencing God Day by Day 

Read also from Daniel 5, vs22-23a.
"Yet you, his son, Belshazzar, have not humbled your heart, even though you knew all this, but you have risen up against the Lord of heaven"

It's the soil of the heart that the Spirit breaks up in order for the seed of Salvation to take root.   We read in Daniel 4 of what God did to save King Nebuchadnezzar.  I do believe he is with Jesus.  Yet his son, will likely not be there, for judgment was issued against him and he died not long after what you read above.  

Spurgeon also noted in the devotional he wrote for today that you can't go anywhere in this world to need to find a sinner. They are everywhere. At night at daytime you can't go anywhere without finding one. 

At this perilous time in human history, indeed it is a war for the souls of people that's at stake.  Was reading later in Daniel, as part of my Bible reading, Daniel saw a vision of the reality of the Spiritual life history.  I believe we are at that point where he saw the world raging at the saints.  Why would I suggest you, my dear reader, whom might not be a Christian yet, why would I suggest you come to Christ?

Oh, do not look at this battle from a human perspective. Satan and all his jc so-called might tried to throw everything at Jesus on the cross and he was defeated. Satan lost. 

Jesus said to behold He has overcome the world. Note again the tense.  Has. Not just had. In what every person who has come to Christ has found out, Jesus has overcome in their lives.  Present tense always when dealing with believers in Christ Jesus.  It's insanely easy to look at the Church, or even individual Christian's as being the underdog, the defeated or too weak minded.  Because that's exactly what Satan wants people to see. 

The world and all it contains does not belong to Satan. It belongs to God.  Satan has done as we read of King David's son Absalom.  He has tried to usurp the Throne of God and has lost.  He has been telling people for 2,000 plus years that they need to follow him if they want to live life to its fullest. He doesn't want anyone to know he lost at Calvary and doesn't want people putting stock in Christ returning. 

The rage against believers, in America now more than ages past has not gone away.  This so-called pandemic was man made.  There are multiple levels of smokescreen's going on.  It's not just about elections it's about an indirect attack on the Church.  Satan is trying to silence Christianity by any means possible to him. It was heightened during past administrations in America and hasn't gone away. Silencing bakers, artists, wedding designers and planners.  That hasn't stopped. In corporate America policies are being written and enforced to force inclusion of people's who's lifestyle is sinful.  That if you do not comply it could mean your job. The psychology hasn't stopped there. Now it's called "unconscious bias training".  Getting you to have doubts about what you think, say or do without thinking about it at the time.  

Spiritual warfare is very real.  Jesus said He came to seek and save the lost.  When Jesus finds someone through other believers, He is picking up where the Spirit is already working. The Spirit prepares the soil of hearts.  Some people He's had to dig deeper than others. 

Living a life of a believer isn't going to be all candy n gumdrops.  It's going to be challenging, but as we read earlier Jesus said that He has overcome the world.  We may get out of this world by the skin of our teeth but that means nothing. Our home isn't here.  Our home is in Heaven. We are visiting.  Those who are not believers, Heaven isn't your home. Hell is your destination if you keep rejecting the work of the Spirit in your life.  The seeds He has planted.  The ground of your heart that He has broken up. 

You may still harbor doubts.  My friend, doubt no more.  Regardless of what you think or have been told or have experienced. Jesus loves you, He died for you, and He lives to bring Salvation to you if you would but say yes. He is willing and ready to wash away your sin. To give you the stamp of approval that you are now a Child of God.  To give you that same promise that He would be with you always. Never forgotten nor forsaken. 

The ground of the heart is the hardest to put seed into. Granite is like butter in comparison.  You have to ask Jesus to save you.  It's your choice.  The war will still rage for souls whether or not you personally say yes or not.  Jesus will not return until the last person, whom the Father has said is the one, will be saved before Judgment comes. 

Let the seeds of life be planted and grow within you. 

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