Saturday, December 26, 2020

The writing on the wall: belief

The writing on the wall: belief 

“For with God nothing will be impossible.”

Luke 1:37

The angel Gabriel told Mary that God was planning to do something humanly impossible. All human logic would agree that a virgin could not give birth to a child. It was impossible. Yet this is exactly what was to happen. When God speaks of doing the impossible, it is no longer absurd. When was the last time God did the impossible in your life ? When was the last time God spoke to you about what He wanted to do and you were scared to death by its magnitude?

God still does the impossible! Too often we acknowledge our belief that God can do whatever He wants; then we add a safety clause: “But I just don’t think God will do that with me!” We become practical atheists, believing that God can perform miracles but never expecting a miracle in our own lives.
God wanted to bring salvation to all of humanity. It is critical that Mary not only believed God could perform a miracle, but also adjusted her life to the awesome work He planned to do through her. The difference between a Christian and a moral person is the divine. The difference between a church and a social club is the miraculous. Some can duplicate the morality of a Christian, but no one can reproduce the miraculous that should be a part of the Christian experience. Do you believe that nothing is impossible for God?
- Blackaby Experiencing God Day by Day 

We are close to wrapping up 2020.  There's been much said about wanting to forget this year and move forward from it.  But my Dear Reader, consider the truth that is only beginning to be laid out in front of the world to see. What you believe is being revealed. 

Is it possible that another great revival will sweep the United States and yet again God will be glorified as in days gone by?

Only He knows.  But what's more important is what you believe. 

Because if you believe in Christ Jesus as your Savior and Lord, then the most important thing is to live like it.  If you're the kind to like being with Christians but aren't 'ready' to take that step, then my Friend, you are in trouble so deep that you cannot fathom it.  You're not going to get a last minute second chance.  You are living your second chance right now. Isn't spending eternity in Hell more important than all that your eyes see in your life right now?  You aren't choosing between living life and God. You aren't even looking at the right question. You are really choosing between Heaven and Hell.  

This life does...not...matter.  

The choice between believing in Christ and not is before you.  Not the warm fuzzies of being around safe believers in Jesus. 

For believers the choice before you and I is some of what Blackaby says. Do we believe in Jesus to save us but not that He has our ways before Him?  I am guilty of unbelief as any can be in God providing what is necessary and needed.  I am not perfect, just am in the process of being perfected. 

Our world is not getting better, regardless of technological marvels being brought to light.  

Look at how cultural things are being watered down. Individually is replacing culture.  How else, besides the fact it's written in the Bible, will a man's enemies be members of his own house?  It's been in the news in this last year, people encouraged by their governments to turn in anyone not complying with mandates concerning this virus. Including if you go to friends or relatives homes and see noncompliant people. Laws have been rewritten and now include things that state all that is required to have anyone's freedom restricted is a suspicion. Doesn't say that the suspicion must be based in facts. And should you be found innocent  good luck getting your rights back. 

Our world is being reshaped to fit the New World Order.  Believing in Christ is being challenged all the way to the Supreme Court of the United States. That if you are a Christian business you cannot bring what you believe into your workplace. Because now the law says you are discriminating against protected people. 

What you believe is being challenged.  You cannot trust the nightly news.  It is more than evident they are working with political leaders. 

You are being told to accept the new normal regardless of what you believe. 

Interestingly enough if we look at History...again...Satan has only been using what has worked before.  Look at the book of Daniel.  Daniel's 3 friend's were turned in for not complying with mandates.  All known civilization at the time were ordered to bow down to the statue of King Nebuchadnezzar or die.

My Dear Reader...if you aren't serious about becoming a will be left behind when Jesus returns.  

You will be forced to bow down to the World Leader or be put to death.  That's as certain as you needing air to breathe. 

Today is the day to come to Christ for Salvation. Put it off no longer.  You are revealing what you really believe even if your mouth hasn't spoken it. Regardless of if you haven't said it, you are telling Jesus you don't need Him.  You would rather take your chances.  Jesus is the only way to Heaven.  Remember that.  No one will see Heaven that isn't written in the Lamb's book of Life.  Nobody. 

Time is running out. 

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