Sunday, December 27, 2020

What about My RIGHTS!?

What about My RIGHTS!?!

Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus.”

Philippians 2:5

Attitudes do not just happen; we choose them. Paul urged believers to have the same attitude that Jesus had. Jesus was the Son of God. His place was at the right hand of His Father, ruling the universe. No position could be more glorious. Jesus’ relationship with the Father gave Him the right to this honor.

But Jesus chose not to hold on to this right. Nothing, not even His position in heaven, was so precious to Him that He could not give it up if His Father asked Him. His love for His Father compelled Him to make any sacrifice necessary in order to be obedient to Him. When the Father required a spotless sacrifice for the redemption of humanity, Jesus did not cling to His rights; nor did He argue that He should not have to suffer for the sins of rebellious creatures of dust (Isa. 53:7). Rather, He relinquished the glory of His heavenly existence in order to become a man. He was born in a cattle shed; He slept in a feeding trough. His life was spent preparing for the day when He would suffer an excruciating execution. All of this He did willingly.
We are tempted to hold tightly to things God has given us. We say, “I would be willing to give up anything God asked of me, but I just don’t think He would ask me to give anything up!” The Father asked His Son to make radical adjustments in His life. Can we not expect that He will ask us to sacrifice privileges and comforts as well?
If you find yourself resisting every time God seeks to adjust your life to His will, ask the Spirit to give you the same selfless attitude that Jesus demonstrated. - Blackaby Experiencing God Day by Day 

Our world today the prevailing thoughts are all around our rights.  People aren't simply satisfied with people living as they believe, they claim you must accept every single person as they want to be claimed. If you don't then you violated their rights. 

So let's look at right's.  As God is the prevailing Word on the subject, realize from the onset that every single person born has a right to die for their sins.

It's not something that medicine can take away.  It's not something that some obscure chemical compound will cure. 

Sin isn't a defect in our physical makeup 

Sin is in our Spiritual life and is so ingrained into it that our physical body is saturated with it.  Physical therapy, psychological therapy, surgical procedures and everything invented by mankind cannot remove the stain of sin. 

You might be truthful with yourself just this once. 

You might be honest with yourself just this once. 

You might yet be standing, facing God wanting your rights accepted.  You could even be shaking your fingers or fists at God, demanding that He accepts you as you are. 

Imagine if you will, hearing a knock at your door late at night.  You were on your way to bed. You weren't sure you heard anything and were about to go upstairs when the knock happened again.  It's late. Who would be at your place this late at night?  You are cautious.  You leave the door locked as you look through the peephole to see if you recognize whom might be there.  You see a box that keeps moving around as if something were alive that was in it.  Could this be a prank?  But what if it wasn't?  You just know that you can't go to sleep now without knowing.  You open the door n hear nothing in the area. There is a note on the box. Telling you that they just can't care for him any more and beg you to help. You holler out to the area and are met with silence. Slowly, cautiously, you open the box to find a baby. Dirty and yet wrapped in a blanket. A bottle jammed in there with the baby. 

You know only one thing.  It's apparently upon you to care for the moment.  You take the box inside. You don't know much about babies but do know this one is in need of a bath.  You just cannot leave the little one like this. 

Guess what? That's you.

Jesus saw us long before we were born. He saw us in our dreadful state. 
He saw us covered in sin and reeking of filthiness. Yet He is willing and able to cleans us from all unrighteous. 

We come to Christ as a Child does. There were never Christian people who were saved as Spiritual Adults. Jesus cleans us up when we come to Christ.  He gives us new clothes. His love for each of us is all encompassing.  Just as you inevitably cannot do nothing about this mystery child in our story Jesus saw the sinfulness of men when He looked into the eyes of Adam.  Saw every single person who would ever be born until the end of time. Saw and knew that He would have to give up His rights, His life, to save that which means the most to His Father. In your imaginary story you gave up most of your nights sleep to care for that which wasn't your own.  You gave up your rights so that this little one would live.

We live in a world trying ever so much to force their belief that their rights are paramount. That you must, that God must, accept them as they want to live.  Sin has no place in Heaven. If you are left unsaved, your filthy sin nature will never be allowed into Heaven.  

Are your rights that important that you would risk it in a choice that makes a Heaven or Hell difference?

But I don't believe in God!  That's a lie. 
If you at all believe in good and bad, good and evil, you have seen a sunrise or sunset, you know enough to know that God is real.  You have seen His invisible attributes in the beauty of creation.  Denying it only proves it more. To believe something doesn't exist requires belief that in some aspect it existed in the first place. 

Today we are on the cusp of seeing more evil than has been seen since the days of Noah.  Sexual immorality is going to rise. People believing that all people must accept their sexual behavior and beliefs or you are discriminating against them.  Hatred for Christians is going to rise because Christians believe what God says about sexual immorality.  It doesn't make Christians wrong on the contrary it's proving the Bible right.  In the last days men will be lovers of themselves.  Scripture says it. You just cannot live your life without offending someone these days.  Because they are out to force people to believe as they do because they have rights!

God says that all who reject Christ are sentenced to death.  Not just a disembodiment of body n soul, but a soul sent to Hell where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth.  Even non-believers have been documented on their deathbed crying out in pain as if they were sliding into a furnace, all the while shouting out against God in hatred. Refusing to come to Christ. 

Rights. It's been a said countless times in life of the right to remain silent. 

My Dear Reader if you don't know Jesus ad your personal Savior, being silent is the last right you want to stand on. 

Being afraid of what others think is not something to cling to. 

Being afraid of what you might lose is not a train of thought to entertain. 

If I am wrong about God then I wasted my life. 

If you are wrong about God then you wasted your eternity. 

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