Friday, December 25, 2020

The writer says "I am coming"

The writer says "I am coming".

“The glory of the LORD shall be revealed, and all flesh shall see it together.” Isaiah 40:5 NKJV 

We anticipate the happy day when the whole world will be converted to Christ; when all idols will be cast down to the moles and bats; when false religion will fade away, never again to cast its deadly rays over the nations. We anticipate the day when kings will bow down before the Prince of Peace, and all nations call their Redeemer blessed. Some people despair of this. They look on the world as a ship breaking up and sinking, never to float again. We know that the world and everything in it is to be burned up someday, after which we can look for new heavens and a new earth. But we cannot read our Bibles without the conviction that, Jesus shall reign where’er the sun Does his successive journeys run. “Jesus Shall Reign,” Isaac Watts (1719) We are not discouraged by the length of His delay; we are not disheartened by the long period He allots to the church, as Christians struggle with little success and much defeat. We believe that God will never allow this world, which has seen Christ’s blood shed upon it, to be the devil’s stronghold forever. Christ came here to deliver this world from the detested sway of the powers of darkness. What a shout that will be when people and angels unite to cry, “Alleluia! For the Lord God Omnipotent reigns!” (Revelation 19:6 NKJV). What satisfaction we will feel in that day, knowing we have had a share in the fight, have helped to break the arrows of the bow, have aided in winning the victory for our Lord! Happy are those who entrust themselves to this conquering Lord—people who fight side by side with him, doing their own small part in His name and by His strength! But how unhappy are those on the side of evil—it is a losing side, and in this loss, people are lost forever. Whose side are you on? - C.H. Spurgeon Morning and Evening 

Spurgeon's last question probably ought to be the first question.   In this day celebrated by many as when Jesus first came to Earth as a baby, He told of His return. 

We can get lost in the music, the programs, television shows and movies.  We can get lost in the time off from work. We can lament the government intervention into our lives as we desire to spend time with our families. 

But truth be told in the factual truth that Jesus came once over 2,000 years ago fitting a description carved out through centuries of writings of the Old Testament. As Blackaby aptly described, fitting a fingerprint only God could make. 

The peoples distaste for Christianity is growing in this world.  It's going to, according to the Scriptures.  Look at how people WILL be, not how they might be, in the 7 year Tribulation.  Hatred for all things that call for repentance and the worship of God.  Regardless of the judgements they raise a fist at God in defiance. 

Whose side are you on?  For those who are in Christ, we won't be here during those 7 horrible years. But to be clear, those that survive that WILL be here when Jesus Himself is here, reigning from Jerusalem.  For a thousand years He will rule. As Dr. Jeremiah aptly put it, there will be no elections. No buying off officials.  No amount of bribery will work.  Those ruling with Jesus won't be bought or corrupted.  

Whose side are you on?  Are you still putting off coming to Christ? Are you still undecided?  Why? What part of this world or your life is that important to you that you would rather stay in a sinking ship rather than be rescued?  Why would you want to stand in a burning building rather that follow out the one who saves?  Why?
You have to choose Jesus.  You have to be the one.  It's not automatic. It wasn't for nothing that the price was so high that Jesus had to come, live a sinless life, die on a horrible cross. It was to give people a chance at Salvation that couldn't happen any other way.  But you still have to choose it.

Whose side are you on?  Yes today is the celebration of Christ's birthday. It can be your new Birthday too. In Christ you get a new one. Old things past away all things become new.  Jesus forgives and remembers your sin no more.  The most awesome of birthday presents is that.

As you celebrate today or not. Know the truth of the Bible has always been proven to be true and real.  All of it. 

Your denial of it doesn't make it any less true or relevant.  One day soon millions if not billions will vanish. Lies will be told as to why it happened and where those people went. The truth is we will be with Jesus.  Wouldn't be surprised if Satan's puppet says that we all went to Hell and that to avoid going there, that you must worship his puppet the new world leader. 

Open presents if you have them and if you celebrate Today.  If you don't or don't celebrate, the truth hasn't changed. 

Jesus is the reason for the season. 

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