Friday, December 11, 2020

The Master with The Key

The Master with The Key 

The Lord opened her heart. . . . Acts 16:14 NKJV 

In Lydia’s conversion there are many points of interest. First, it was brought about by providential circumstances. She was a seller of purple cloth, from the city of Thyatira—but at just the right time for hearing Paul, we find her at Philippi. Providence, which is the helper of grace, led her to the right spot. Grace was preparing Lydia’s soul for the blessing—grace preparing for grace. She did not know the Savior, but being Jewish she knew many truths which were excellent stepping-stones to the knowledge of Jesus. Her conversion took place in the midst of prayer: on the Sabbath, she went to a place where prayers were offered, and there prayer was heard. Never neglect the means of grace; God may bless us when we are not in His house, but we have great reason to hope that He will bless us when we are in communion with His saints. Observe those words: The Lord opened her heart. Lydia did not open her own heart. Her prayers did not do it; Paul did not do it. The Lord himself must open the heart to receive the things which make for our peace. He alone can put the key into the heart’s lock to open it and gain admittance for himself. He is the heart’s master as much as He is the heart’s maker. The first visible evidence of Lydia’s opened heart was obedience. As soon as she had believed in Jesus, she was baptized. It is a sweet sign of a humble and broken heart, when children of God are willing to obey a command that is not essential to salvation, not forced upon them by a selfish fear of condemnation, but is a simple act of obedience and communion with their Master. The next evidence was love, manifesting itself in acts of grateful kindness to the apostles. Love toward the saints has always been a mark of the true convert. Those who do nothing for Christ or His church give little evidence of an “opened” heart. Lord, always give me an opened heart. - C.H. Spurgeon Morning and Evening 

Oh how that is!  You try key after key in a lock.  If only the right one could be found! Time wears on, patience wears thin.  Another key, another try, another failure at seeking success. Tired we get and weary of the attempt. When at last we confess our need to the Master who's been there all along, He brings up a box with a key ring in it.  On His key ring is but a single key.  He takes it and it slides right in. With a smile, He turns it and the lock of your heart opens.  All your attempts to bring happiness to you on your behalf are a waste when the one who knows you better than you is the One with the key.

We all are tempted to take the reins of life from God.  We are on a road of His choosing yet think we are the ones who know best how to navigate it.  He knows exceedingly, abundantly, more about that road and every potential good or bad thing about it, yet we think we're ready to drive. 

We all also are the child holding onto a favored stuffed animal.  Jesus stands before us with His hand out asking us to trust Him and give Him that toy. He has something better for us. 

We like sheep have all gone astray, each one going his or her own way.  Regardless of how liberals try to rewrite genders or redescribe them, God defined the two in Genesis. Are two, will only be two, throughout eternity.  

Satan tries his keys in people's hearts too. Tries to jimmy the locks.  Tries to trick people into worshipping him.  Will try to kill whomever wants to follow Christ.  Fear not in that regard for two key reasons. One is no one can die apart from the will of God.  Everyone with the breath of life in it has to have God's permission to have their life taken.  Yes this includes what we call atrocities to humanity.  Nobody will die that is not permitted to. Satan does not hold the keys to death. He doesn't choose who dies and who doesn't.  God is sovereign over all aspects of humanity.  We may not understand why a life is permitted to be taken but I assure you that it isn't at the whim of Satan.  Every life is from God. Every life. 

Every life is an opportunity for that person to come to Christ.  Satan likes to make the world believe that he is in charge of death. What he is at times permitted to do doesn't follow that it's his sole ability do at his own discretion. 

Yes lifes get snuffed out before they begin, I firmly believe those lives are safe with God.  I do hope for abortions to cease.  But my friend those millions of people are still safe with God.  Jesus called Satan a liar and the father of lies.  He will deceive people into believing whatever he can in order to do two things if he can. One is to not believe in Christ and the other is to twart the plans of God.  The second isn't exclusive to unbelievers.  Even believers can be sidetracked from obedience. 

Look at your heart today.  Who's key is in it?  Is it a perfect key or something that is in it but not able to unlock it?  

Only by coming to Christ can the perfect key to your heart be found that unlocks the true potential of you in this life.  Satan will try to get you to try everything except the true key from Jesus.  He will say anything, try to do anything, to get you to not try Jesus. Jesus will not force His key into your heart. You must ask Him to do so. 

Are you weary and troubled? No light in the darkness you see? Turn your eyes upon Jesus, look full in His wonderful face, and the things of Earth will grow strangely dim in the light of His glory and grace. 

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