Sunday, December 13, 2020

Seeking that which is there

Seeking that which is there 

Surely the Lord God does nothing, unless He reveals 
His secret to His servants the prophets.

Amos 3:7

Christians spend much time talking about “seeking God's will,” as though it were hidden and difficult to find. God does not hide His will. His will is not difficult to discover. We do not have to plead with God to reveal His will to us. He is more eager to reveal His will than we are willing to receive it. We sometimes ask God to do things He has already done!

The people in Amos's day became disoriented to God and to His desires. God had revealed His will; the problem was that they had not recognized it or obeyed it. Amos declared that God does nothing in the affairs of humanity without seeking one of His servants to whom He will reveal His activity. Tragically, there are times when no one is walking closely enough with Him to be receptive to His word (Isa. 59:16; 63:5; Ezek. 22:30–31).
Jesus walked so intimately with His Father that He was always aware of what the Father was doing around Him (John 5:19–20). Jesus said that if our eyes are pure, they will see God and recognize His activity (Matt. 6:22). If we are not seeing God's activity, the problem is not a lack of revelation. The problem is that our sin prevents us from noticing it.
When God is working in your child's life or when He is convicting your coworker, He may reveal His activity to you. His revelation is His invitation for you to join Him in His redemptive work. Be alert to God's activity around you. He will reveal His activity to His servants. If your spiritual eyes are pure, you will be overwhelmed by all that you see God doing around you!    - Blackaby Experiencing God Day by Day 

Seeking happens whether or not you realize that you are doing it.  Your mind, and mine, is prone to wandering.  We have so many tools at our disposal we don't even call them that anymore.  We have no concept of the truth of some things today. Technology today would be magic and considered witchcraft a hundred years ago.  

We live in an advanced civilization yet in it we live to overcomplicate things to keep things simple. We buy this or that and spend hours if not days putting it together to save minutes.

In the Christian life we are called to something very different. To slow down. To seek God. To simplify.  To see what Jesus had His Disciples do. To see His example to follow.  

Our minds are hungry for the tree of knowledge. We carry around a minicomputer that is a hundred times at least as powerful as what it took to put a man on the moon. We sit for hours aimlessly looking for something to occupy our minds.  

It's not easy to withdraw from that.  
Add to it the distrust of mainstream media and politicians.  What do you trust? You don't so you try to dig deeper. 

In Christ very little is necessary in this life. But what is is what's important.  These are things that I am still learning.  You can look it up but the phrase silence is golden is becoming increasingly rare. Headphones are glued to the heads of most people you see in public.  

I have an unfortunate problem with tunnel vision in doing things.  I become my own zone of silence when working through something that is complex to me.  It's often taken wrong by people around me.  But it's on me where that is at.  If only my walk with Jesus would be that focused.  I often don't see what God puts right in front of me. 

We who are in Christ, hopefully it's everyone who is a believer, seeks to do what God wants in their lives.  Hopefully we aren't armchair Christians who coach others from the couch or sideline as to how to get the Christian life right. 

People are seeking someone to believe in. 
Satan is trying to be that person.  The whole purpose of an antichrist is someone physically here who Satan can work through to take all the worship, glory and adoration that rightfully belongs to God. 

Every generation he has several ready.  You have seen them and if you look at them with Spiritual eyes you would recognize them for who they are.  But as battles rage, as they progress, many put their heads in the sand rather that acknowledge the warfare for what it is. 

People are so used to the noise of life they miss the calling of God...who isn't yelling it.

Seeking God's will has been the topic of hundreds of books.  Has been the topic of thousands of sermons.  Been the subject of countless lectures.  

Would God really make Salvation that simple and make His will that hard to discern?

I overcomplicate my own walk with God as do, I suspect, you. 

My ability to intensely focus on problem solving isn't necessarily a gift. It can be a curse if I am with people who don't understand that about me.  I come across as short, terse, rude, angry, unemotional, blunt, direct, uncaring.  None of which really describes me as I really am.  

In Christ Jesus I am everything I need to be to be a saved child of God. In Christ Jesus I am alive in a world of dead people who don't want to acknowledge it. In Christ His will is before me if I but acknowledge it rather that keep asking for clarity that's as clear as crystal in front of me. In Christ God's will isn't hard to find out.  Don't have a double standard in your life.  Do what you do as unto the Lord.  Love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind, soul and Spirit. Love your neighbor as yourself. Let your mind be filled with Psalms, hymns and Spiritual songs making melody in your heart to God. Remember the widow and orphan.  Give without expecting to receive.  Give with a grateful heart.  Do not harbor sin in your heart.  Live as one who is saved.  Pray without ceasing.  There is a list that goes on, but what have you read so far that's really complicated?

If you but let go of what the world says is important and necessary you likely will have the time to see and understand what God's will is for you.  

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