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Opposition in this World

Opposition in this World 

An angel of the Lord appeared to Joseph in a dream, saying: “Arise, 
take the young Child and His mother, flee to Egypt, and stay there until 
I bring you word; for Herod will seek the young Child to destroy Him.”

Matthew 2:13

Whenever God clearly speaks to you and you obey His will, you can expect to face opposition. Spiritual assaults and attacks by the ungodly are not always signs that you are out of the will of God; they may even indicate that you are in the very center of God's will. Mary's husband, Joseph, was a righteous man who feared God, yet his obedience to God forced him to flee for his life to a foreign country. Joseph's hardship came, not because of his sin, but because of his obedience. Although Joseph and Mary were forced to move to another country, they remained in the center of God's will.

Jesus warned His disciples to expect persecution from the world as they obeyed the Father. He reminded them that they would not face persecution alone, for Jesus, too, had faced the hostility of the world and had been victorious (John 16:33).
Do not become discouraged when you face opposition. Opposition may indicate that you are acting in obedience to God. Examine your heart. If you have done what you know He has asked you to do, trust Him to see you through the antagonism that comes from those who are not walking with Him. When they encountered persecution, the disciples did not ask God to remove their opponents, but to give them boldness as they faced opposition (Acts 4:24–31). God's will for you may involve hardship, as it did for His Son (John 15:20). - Blackaby Experiencing God Day by Day 

A great many people in this world are oblivious to the machinations of Satan.  
Some refuse to believe that they can be manipulated others deny the existence of God but will acknowledge the possibility of evil.  Honestly that last one is like believing in one side of a coin, that you can see heads, and denying that tails exists. 

The Church, the true Church, is indeed protected of God through the Holy Spirit. He is the Paraclete, He who is a Christ of another kind.  Whereas a great deal of news we see today is very much manipulated, it escapes the notice that persecution of the Church is increasing. 

Satan is trying to force his way into the Church to change it to worship him and not Jesus.  He's creating factions that claim to be part of the true Church that teach heresy as something that should be just welcomed. Such as women Pastors or homosexuals claiming to be Pastors. 

Scripture is clear that in the last days these things would be happening and to be on the alert for them.  NOT to welcome them but to be ready for their assault. 

Only people blinded welcome sinful teachers into the fold of the true Church. 
Satan knows that there's two major groups of people who are the easiest to manipulate. The very young and the very old.  One group you can plant seeds that you have time to nurture into something, the other is set in their ways and unless they had a hearty Spiritual upbringing they don't put up much in the way of a fight against his schemes. 

Our part of the world Christian people are coming under an ever growing threat from Satan.  His attacks are coming from all forms of legal actions.  His attacks are coming from manipulating public opinion. That whole concept of inclusion and diversity is, for all worldly intents and purposes, one sided. It's meant to try to ostracize the Church for not following along in accepting people as they are, in their sinful ways. They are labeled as discriminatory if they do not include them.
Threatened with revoking their tax status, threatened with multimillion dollar lawsuits to shutter the doors.  Using public pressure on Churches for 'making people feel bad' because they tell them that the life they live is due to sin. And that sin requires Salvation in Christ Jesus to be removed. 

In the coming days ahead we are going to be seeing a greater battle against the true Church.  This China virus didn't delay the attacks it is there to help mount new attacks on Christians and the Church. To find new ways to shut down Churches. 

Just prior to the Rapture the attacks on Christians will be very severe.  The world is going to feel cheated when the Rapture takes place and they can no longer go after someone for being a Christian.  Satan will produce a lie that the deceived world will believe about why people vanished.  

Read that again. Satan will produce a lie that the deceived world will believe. 

The Holy Spirit will step aside when the Rapture takes place.  He has been the restraining influence against Satan for over 2,000 years.  Satan is NOT more powerful, either by himself or in vast numbers.  Read the ending of Revelation. After a thousand years of Christ ruling the world, Satan will be released to deceive the world one last time. Jesus will only speak and the world and Satan will be done away with. "No contest" doesn't even come close to how utterly devastating the defeat will be against Satan and the world. 

Expect greater pressure in this world to conform to worldly behavior. To accept that which God says is sin. In the name of inclusion and diversity.  False teachers are rampant in the Church as well.  We were warned in the Bible to be watchful for them.  They disguise themselves as Angels of light, just like Satan. But their personal lives prove without a doubt they are not saved.  They are angry, bitter, they mistreat family and friends. They are dishonest and self-serving. Pride rules their hearts. They are amateurs at deception but are successful at it. Even, if possible, deceiving the elect. Calling themselves teachers but are not. Sadly I know false teachers. Prayer is the only way to engage them. They will never listen to reason. 

We are certainly in the last days.

Before I can finish asking in prayer to Jesus about how soon, He answers "Very soon".

To all who read sure of being saved in Christ Jesus alone.  Not because of who you went to Church with. Not because your family went to Church. Not because of infant baptism. You have to ask for forgiveness of sins and to be saved. You have to ask Jesus to save you. You. Nobody will be standing with you when you are before Jesus. Just you. 
I know when and where I was when I asked Jesus into my life, to forgive me and save me.  Do you? Can you say that you know when and where you gave your life to Christ?  Don't let worldly pressures influence you.  Don't let threats against the Church dissuade you. Once you are saved you are then a Child of God.  It matters not what happens to our bodies.  Our world is dying, not from global warming, but because of sin. 

Ephesians 2:8-9 "For by grace you have been saved through faith; and this is not of yourselves, it is the gift of God; not a result of works, so that no one may boast."

Romans 6:23 "For the wages of sin is death, but the gracious gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord."

What has gone right and wrong in your life is meaningless compared to where your eternity will be spent!

Know today. Know today. Again, know today!

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