Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Not understanding is ok

This is the word of the Lord to Zerubbabel: “Not by might nor 
by power, but by My Spirit,” says the Lord of hosts.

Zechariah 4:6

God's word came to His people at a critical time. They were a despondent, disillusioned people who faced a daunting task. They had been exiled in Babylon for seventy years. During this time they had witnessed the strength of the most dominant military power in their world. They had watched the Babylonian army marching off to conquer other nations. They had seen the wealth and splendor of the Babylonian king. When Babylon was in turn conquered by the Persians, the Israelites saw an even greater superpower emerging on the world stage.

As the Israelites returned to Jerusalem after seventy years in captivity, they found their city in ruins. Their magnificent temple had been destroyed. The city walls had been torn down. They had no resources to rebuild their splendid city. As these former refugees looked at the mammoth task before them, they realized their poverty and weakness, and they became greatly dismayed. Then came God's Word! He promised that they would, indeed, rebuild their city. But, He told them, the rebuilding would not be accomplished by their own power and resources but by His Spirit.
There will be times when obeying God will lead you to impossible situations. If you look at your own skills, knowledge, and resources, you will become discouraged. However, when you became a Christian, God placed His Spirit within you. You now have the resources of heaven at your disposal. The success of your endeavors will not depend on the way you use your own resources but on how you obey the Spirit of God. - Blackaby Experiencing God Day by Day 

I was telling someone the other day of not understanding something in my life.  Told a Supervisor that quite often when you have no choice to make there are none, yet when one choice appears others come at the same time.  Either clarity or confusion. 

I was talking with yet someone else explaining that there is a whole lot of my life that God's done things that I am not aware of.  There is much that has happened that never did make sense. 

God does what's best for His Kingdom to be coming.  God is doing what is best for it to be on Earth as it is in Heaven.  His will is to be done.  That is the key to your life and mine in this world.  

There are 16 pieces in a chess set.  Grand masters have played games that have gone on for days...and that is just with 16 pieces.

God is the absolute Grand Master and there are billions of people on this board called life.  

So God is manipulating people? No. God's moves are dependent, for the time being, upon each piece. Whether or not they are believers isn't all encompassing to the result.  The direction of the game is the end of the book of Revelation.  People impact people. Your choice to come to Christ or not impacts people. Your choice to obey or not impacts people.  Regardless of all God's will WILL be done on Earth as it is in Heaven. As Jesus prayed so it shall be.  His Kingdom will come.  Sin will be dealt with, judgment will happen. The wheat will be separated from the false wheat.  Many will come to Christ, many will not.  Regardless of what opinions people have, what God has ruled concerning the destination of your life after death is final.  The Creator decides, not the created. 

All this to say that it's a given we think that life is complicated but to God it is not. The prayers of His people do impact the chess game of life. Not all prayers will be answered to our desires.  But only those prayers that do are those that are in accordance with God's will.  I can pray for healing for my frequent problems but if that isn't going to be what is right for me in God's eyes it isn't going to happen. It just may be that these problems will be the key to the door in an unbeliever's life to bring them to Christ.  Read "90 Minutes in Heaven".  The author was a Pastor. Was in a horrific accident. God spared him but the road to recovery was excruciating.  He never knew at the time why the pain was so intense and why it appeared that God had abandoned him. He knew it wasn't the case but in those moments it was what it felt like.  A few years later one after another, he ran into unbelievers at different points in their lives.  His recovery experiences opened the door to them coming to Christ. If he hadn't had that common ground it wouldn't have happened. 

We will all experience life that we don't understand.  It isn't going to make sense.  It's ok!  Trusting in Jesus means trusting that He knows what He is doing.  Faith means moving when all reason says it's impossible.  

Our world is preparing for the Endgame. 

It isn't going to turn into some version of Star Trek utopia.  People aren't going to medicate away evil.  They aren't going to just learn to live in harmony because of some great speech or event.  It's not going to happen.  Really, look at the state of this world.  Chaos is increasing. Evil people are trying to control the masses. What was once thought of as evil is being called good.  Dear reader this is all written about in the Bible as what was going to happen!

Each of us must stand before Christ. 
Nobody will stand with us.
Nobody will be your lawyer. 
Nobody's coming to your defense. 

If you are not saved that is. 

For all your excuses for not coming to Christ, are any of them really worth it?

Those who are saved WILL have an Advocate.  Those who are trying to stand on their own merits will not. All those who do are sentenced to death.  

You may not understand all that is going on in your world. But you can understand coming to Christ if you haven't chosen to yet.  You may not understand why others do what they do but you can begin to really understand after you come to Christ.  You who are not in Christ cannot see to understand because you are still in the darkness.  The light is in Christ Jesus. 

You still won't understand everything, but you also won't be left powerless or defenseless.  You could even be shown great things by God that you never dreamed possible to see. You could be part of the final moves prior to the return of Christ.  He is coming, are you ready?

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