Saturday, November 13, 2021

Be careful...

Be careful 

Those who make [the idols] are like them; So is everyone who trusts in them. PSALM 115:8 

Be careful about what you choose to worship because, Scripture warns, we will become like that which we worship. Whatever you spend time with will rub off on you. Just as spending time with wise people will make you wise (Proverbs 13:20), choosing to spend your time with worldly and wicked things will cause you to gradually adopt worldly and wicked values. Furthermore, realize that whatever you instinctively turn to in times of trouble is an idol. The idols of the psalmist’s day were powerless and unable to provide practical assistance (119: 5). Likewise, many modern idols appear to offer strength and joy, but those who trust in them soon discover that the idol’s image of strength is merely a facade. So where do you instinctively turn for help? What do you value and admire? To what are you giving your discretionary time? What do you turn to in times of crisis? What does that say about you? The person each one of us is today reflects what has been most important to us. If you’re worshiping your heavenly Father, there should be a distinct family resemblance. - Blackaby Being Still With God 

In this second's a very good gage for the believer to look at in regards to living out the Christian life. 

Look at where your idle mind goes. 
Look at what you go to in times of distress. 
Look at what you intentionally focus on during crises.
Look at who you run to for help.
Look at your life from God's point of view...are you dwelling on Him or on your own pleasure and understanding?

Look at what God is saying here...idols are not just found in ancient archeological finds.
The Bible is the Word of God, the same yesterday, today and forever. 
If we truly believe that, then we MUST believe that what God says about sin, about idolatry and everything else concerning things that separate us from God are valid and real today. 

I have been heavily weighing things to keep and get rid of in our pending move to our new hometown. In retrospect I have really only began to see the things that I no longer have that indeed could have been idols in my life.  I also now have a different perspective on what I still have that needs moved.

Christians are NOT immune to idolatry any more than the people of Israel. 

Read that again. 

Christians are not immune to idolatry any more than the people of Israel. 

The New Testament is replete with warnings and instructions on how to live life apart from the idolatry of the world.  

So indeed, I invite you to be challenged to ask God to show you the idolatry in your life. 
You will indeed be surprised by the answer. If we do indeed believe that Christ is returning soon, we then can realize the importance of His words in Luke. Will He find the faith when He returns?  Are you and I part of that generation written to in Revelation that had forgotten their first love? 

Be real with you. Don’t let the deception of Satan blind you to God's truth about you. Those in Christ are children of God. They are the body of Christ. They are to have one life, one devotion to their Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ.  It isn't to be shared with things of this world. 

As the song begs the question "Open the eyes of my heart Lord..." 

Pray that prayer and mean it.  See what happens next...

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