Thursday, November 25, 2021

You're not that bad? We all are...

You're not that bad? We all are...

“Now the blood shall be a sign for you on the houses where you are. And when I see the blood, I will pass over you; and the plague shall not be on you to destroy you.” EXODUS 12:13 

The Hebrew word pesah means “to pass over,” “to spare,” “to show mercy.” It also suggests protection. God established the annual Passover Feast to commemorate His protecting the Israelites from the last plague and their ultimate emancipation from slavery. This deliverance signified their adoption by God, and it laid the foundation of their national identity. More than a remembrance, though, Passover also pointed prophetically to the sacrificial Lamb of God, Jesus Christ. John the Baptist announced at Jesus’ baptism, “Behold! The Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world!” (John 1:29). Whereas the blood of the lamb saved the Israelites from physical death, the blood of Jesus saves those who believe in Him from spiritual death. Are you protected by Jesus’ blood? 

All people sin, and all sin has consequences. If God does not see the atoning blood of Jesus Christ covering your life, you will face His judgment. God gives mercy on His terms—through the sacrificial Lamb of God. Where there is the blood of Christ, there is life and salvation. Have you received that gift? - Blackaby Being Still With God 

Regardless of what you think about you, the Bible is clear: all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.  That is, you cannot enter into His Heaven without salvation in Christ Jesus alone for the covering of your sins.  

Yes you both do sin, have sinned and were born into sin. 

You cannot live your life in any conditional way that will ever make a single sin go away. 
Those who die without Christ Jesus as their Savior and Lord find themselves in Hell. 

Your ignorance of the truth about salvation isn't an excuse. Your denial of the truth of God isn't going to protect you. 

You, while there's a breath still in your body, must decide for yourself whether you want saved from the wrath that comes upon all unrepentant people who die without Christ or you choose to ask to be saved. 

In the song By the Way of the Cross, read it slowly and understand it well. 

Condemned to die on a cross for crimes he had done
He was guilty- everyone could see.
But his destiny was changed as he looked at Christ and said,
"When Your kingdom comes, remember me."
In Paradise that day, he stood
Just like the Lord had said he would
Surrounded by those who had gone before.
One said, "Friend, how did you come? What are the deeds you have done?"
With tears in his eyes, I can hear him reply,
"There are no merits to my name- no works that I can claim. He Who brought me here told me to say...

I have come by the way of the cross.
I have come by the way of the cross.
It is nothing I have done.
It's the suffering of God's Son.
I have come by the way of the cross."

I have nothing to claim but my guilt and my shame.
Hopelessly lost, I could not find my way.
Till His glorious light of love shone down on me.
His mercy washed all my sins away!
And what He did for me that day
Was a price I could not pay.
And by His grace, I too can say- forever say...

I see millions gathered 'round the throne
From every kindred and tongue-
Those redeemed by the blood of the Lamb!
And as they cast their crowns down at His feet
This will be my story- this will be my song,...
(Chorus "We")

There is no other way.. but the cross!

I can do nothing because there's nothing that I can do to save me. Jesus had to take my place in paying for my sins.  I can easily see myself with the same tears in my eyes concerning why I am worthy to be with Jesus.  I came by way of the cross. 

My life is riddled with guilt and shame from my sins that I am aware of.  If I ever saw the true extent of what sins I have really committed it would go even farther in overwhelming me.

You must put your faith and trust in Christ Jesus alone for salvation. 

After you die there is no chance to be saved.  Nobody can pray you out of Hell. 
Salvation is as personal a decision as any can be or ever will be. You cannot look to your good deeds as being able to cover even one sin.  You cannot avoid the truth that you were born into sin.  Denying the truth of your need to be saved will not alter your future separation from God. 
Denying the truth will not make a bit of difference because you WILL be shown the truth of God and the truth about eternity. 

Jesus loved you enough to die for you.  Sin separates us from the life God intended for you and I. 

His salvation is free to all who ask.  You must choose.  Look up the Romans Road to salvation.  Read it, understand it, follow through with it.  Time is running out. 

Soon God the Father will tell God the Son, Jesus, that it's time. That the Church, the Bride of Christ is ready to all come home.  Millions will vanish from the Earth. Global leaders will spout excuses and scientific reasons as to the disappearances. The wrath of God will be expended upon the Earth for the next 7 years.  Billions more will die. Some will indeed be saved during this time but it will be beyond harsh for them. 

You have the choice in the here and now to not have to live through it. 

We can't conceive of the offense we are in our sin before God.  We need the perfect sacrifice of Jesus to cleanse us from it and to impart to us the righteousness of God. 

His salvation takes our sins and casts them as far as the east is from the west, remembering them no more.  We then begin living life for Him who saved us.  We do what we can to live in obedience to God's Word.  It's not about what we lose in this life, but oh the things we gain!

Most don't consider their future, and most wake up in Hell. 

Don't be like most.

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