Saturday, November 27, 2021

What do You do for Others?

What do You do for Others?

Moses’ hands became heavy; so they took a stone and put it under him, and he sat on it. And Aaron and Hur supported his hands, one on one side, and the other on the other side; and his hands were steady until the going down of the sun. So Joshua defeated Amalek and his people. EXODUS 17:12 

As long as Moses held up his hands in intercession, Israel’s army prevailed over the Amalekite enemy. When Moses let down his hands, Amalekites began to prevail. Clearly, Joshua, the leader of Israel’s army, needed Moses to help him succeed. And Moses needed Aaron and Hur to fulfill his key role in the battle. God made us, His children, to need one another. Even though God is with us, He often undergirds us through the instrument of human encouragement and assistance. That’s one reason why Jesus sent His disciples out two by two. That’s why God calls us to be part of a community of believers. We aren’t made to walk the journey of Christian faith on our own; nor are we meant to stand alone against the enemies we encounter along the way. Modern society often celebrates autonomy and independence. But God does not. He created us to need one another. Thank God for people who have come alongside you—and ask Him to whom He wants you to offer support and encouragement. You’ll be blessed as you are a blessing to those people! - Blackaby Being Still With God 

In our exceedingly selfish and self-centered world, what are you doing in your life to be doing as God has said to be?

Are you going along in their ways, or are you living to be obedient to the One who saved you?

As I have said on another occasion, it's been interesting to see variations of sanctification in my Bible reading. To see what it means. 

Would you even recognize if you weren't being obedient?  Would it matter to you?

Direct questions for sure.  But then again, I write what I am told to write.  

I can share what I observe in people.  I have often told those that ask, that very answer. I am an observer of people.  I am more into what your life shows rather than what you might tell me about you.

Do you help others?  Would helping others even be a consideration for you?

Would you sacrifice time, energy and money for others if God prompted you to?  Or would there be excuses?  To give excuses really says volumes as to the state of your heart. 

We must choose to follow Jesus in what He prompts us to do in our lives. 
We must choose to sanctify Him as Lord in our lives.
We must choose to follow the Great Commission as part of our obedience to God. 

The choice to be joyful or mournful of things or whatnot from this world but not when it concerns a brother or sister in Christ speaks volumes. 

If your own welfare or well-being comes ahead of your obedience to God then, my Dear Reader, you have a problem. 

Look at the parables.  Jesus essentially obliterates excuses in them as well as in His interactions with others.  

I am also reminded of what Jesus wrote to a particular church.  That in all that they did do, they forgot their first love.  

I am reminded of the various times Jesus said that there will be people who will have claimed to have said or done much in His Name, that He will tell to depart from Him for He never knew them.

Your priorities always ought to put obedience to God first. Even if it interrupts your ideas about life.  Even if it interrupts your entertainment.  Even if it keeps you up later than you wanted to be up.  Even if it means losing sleep altogether.  Jesus on at least 1 occasion spent a whole night in prayer. 

So this post is food for thought.  It's to show you also that there's blessings to be had if we are living in obedience to God rather than to our self interests.

If a friend is in need and shares that need, what do you do?

Your answer says a lot about your heart.  

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