Monday, November 15, 2021

My Who

My Who

Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. ROMANS 12:2 

The only way to survive in a world that tries to slowly poison our minds is to renew our minds each day. The psalmist says in Psalm 1 that the blessed man is the one who delights in the law of the Lord, meditating on it day and night. When I open my Bible for personal devotions, I know that I’m looking at the very Word of God. It’s different from everything else around me. What I’m reading is in a whole different universe. I’m getting a transfusion of heavenly culture into my system. I know that if I try to make it in this world, I’ll get pulled down. I’ll never be happy following the world’s plan. But when I came to Jesus Christ, the happiness of this world was ruined for me. I’ve got the Holy Spirit inside me, and I can never be happy unless I’m walking with Him. People can try to be happy, but they’ll never achieve it apart from the Lord. Christians can try to follow the world’s plan for happiness, but the only way they will find it is to let the Word of God cleanse and renew them. - Dr. David Jeremiah Morning and Evening 

You are my help and my deliverer; do not delay, O my God. 

Lord God, You order my steps as of a good man, and You delight in my way. Though I fall, I shall not be utterly cast down; for You uphold me with Your hand. In fearing You, Lord God, there is strong confidence, and Your children will have a place of refuge. Who am I that I should be afraid of a man who will die, and of the son of a man who will be made like grass? And I forget You, Lord God, my Maker. You are with me to deliver me. I will be strong and of good courage, I will not fear nor be afraid; for You, my God, You are the One who goes with me. You will not leave me nor forsake me. I will sing of Your power; yes, I will sing aloud of Your mercy in the morning; for You have been my defense and refuge in the day of my trouble. You are my hiding place; You shall preserve me from trouble; You shall surround me with songs of deliverance. I praise You who are my Helper and Deliverer, my Refuge and Hiding Place, the source of peace and security. 

PSALM 40:17; PSALM 37:23–24; PROVERBS 14:26; ISAIAH 51:12–13; JEREMIAH 1:8; DEUTERONOMY 31:6; PSALM 59:16; PSALM 32:7 - Dr. David Jeremiah Life-Changing Moments with God 

In this particular morning I am looking back on the last month of my life. 

I normally am not one to be able to recall many things recent to me, but likely due to blogging and my personal journal, much stays with me. 

I hear the weather outside.  The first snow of the season had began yesterday. 
We are still going through showings of our house we really need to sell.  
I look and can see that it appears that outside of the United States my blog appears to not be seen anymore.  In this solitude and somewhat silence I have more time to consider things in life.  As I began to say, I am able to recall more than normal. 

I look back on the last few weeks and see an increase in my prayer time.  I see my heart open and laid bare before Him with whom I have to do. 

My emotions grip me more these days than they have in a decade or two.  I am probably more hyper aware of my feelings and emotions than is right or good, but until things return to something resembling normal, it is what it is. 

My heart longs for something normal again. My desire is to be with my Wife, in our home in our new hometown. Attending Church regularly and to be useful to God for service.  

It takes no degree in Spiritual matters to understand and know these things the enemy of God will battle. He will fight to keep from happening. 

But I know the battle is already won. It was written long ago. 

If he had a hand in the weather to cause even an extra day of separation from my Wife, it afforded me the opportunity to be in the house of God. 

Satan doesn't make the rules when it comes to those who belong to Christ Jesus. 

The Battle belongs to the Lord. 

Fears may grip me, but Jesus hasn't changed. 
Doubts may avail me, but Jesus hasn't changed. 
Anxiety my be at my proverbial doorstep, but Jesus hasn't changed. 

It's interesting to me that in all the years that I have heard dozens of preacher’s speak about getting away to be with Jesus, the reality of doing so is beyond what my thoughts on it were.

Jesus always prevails. 

It's interesting that the sermon series at Grace Church is on Giving Up on God.  Satan's attacks and battle strategy is always that in the lives of believers in Christ Jesus. 

Jesus is always on time.  Never late never early.  Trusting in His timing is often difficult from our perspective. 

There is a Scripture...Genesis 50:20 NASB "As for you, you meant evil against me, but God meant it for good in order to bring about this present result, to keep many people alive."

Satan can mean all kinds of things for evil against us, but in all of it, God will turn it for His good purposes. He can try to get us to think or believe things that are not true and are not of God.  He can fan the flames of doubt and fear. But the Scriptures say the Word of God stands forever.  The Scriptures say that God is faithful. The Scriptures say that God's will WILL be done on Earth as it is in Heaven. 

Even in what I am living through, I am still His workmanship created in Christ Jesus for good works that I might walk in them.  God will deliver my Wife and I.  God will be with us always. God is our strength and our deliverer.  God establishes and God removes. Not Satan. 

A mind uncluttered by worldly opinion and is trying to listen to Jesus Christ is what happens when you focus on your Who in your life.  

When we come out the other side from this extremely different situation than we ever dreamed would happen, God will be honored, praised and lifted up.  

In the middle of it, God will be honored, praised and lifted up. 

To be a Disciple of Jesus was to intentionally be with Jesus, separate from the world's ideology.  You get that in the situation we live in my reality and my Wife's.  

My Jesus is my Who. He's my focus. He's who I bring my every thought to when things are rough.  He's my Savior and my Lord. My King. 

Pray for us in our sale of our house. 
Pray for this blog that God would reestablish it across the world again. 

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