Thursday, November 25, 2021

Bear One Another's Burdens

Bear One Another's Burdens 

Galatians 6:2 NASB "Bear one another’s burdens, and thereby fulfill the law of Christ."

What do you think of when this verse plays out in your life?  It probably does, more often than you realize. 

It takes on different forms, and is asked in different ways. 

"How's it going?"
"How are you doing?"
"What's up?"
"How's life treating you?"
"How are you feeling?"

The inherent problem is most do not tell the truth. We hide behind a white lie, which is no different than any other full fledged lie of any other kind. 

We hide behind the lie because the truth displays what we are really going through. 

I am certainly guilty on all counts when it comes to not sharing what I am really going through. So much so that it should be apparent by my writing about this now. God said to, so here we are.

This last several months has been incredibly hectic, incredibly hard, and incredibly good all at the same time. 

Writing about it a lot in my Journal and often to my soon to be Pastor of the Church we will be attending once we are moved. 

Incredible joy has accompanied the new job. It's been incredibly hectic with sorting and getting rid of stuff. With showings, with an inspection. Incredibly hard being separated from my Wife for many days at a time. 

We are all we have when it comes to moving. We can't find help that's available.  
17 years ago it was a different story than today's world.  Back then people were far more available to help.  

We go from wanting to be happy to feeling worn down.  

That's what I think the passage is partly or maybe even completely trying to convey.  

Being real with one another.  Being honest with one another because the other may be your support and supply of strength sent by God in your time of need. 

I used to have a boss who often said that he can't work on or fix a problem that he isn't aware of. 

For me getting past the temporary embarrassment is my hardest challenge.  

Being truthful rather than hiding the truth.  People, on the other end often run from the responsibility of listening to others burdens.  They find excuses to keep from listening or from being there for others for fear of exposure of themselves.  It's an investment prospect when you get involved in someone else's life. 

We are indeed struggling and we indeed are praying.  One surefire thing that has happened in all of this has been a strengthening of our prayer life. 

We pray because we know He hears. We know what God's Word says.  We know that we aren't living in this moment without Jesus being there before us.

I have endured some terrifying driving during the last few weeks.  I  could do nothing but focus and pray and stay riveted to the road. 

I am often alone during the week and find myself crying out to God in my despair.  

I do share my burdens always with my Savior and my Lord.  Certainly in more detail than you have read here.  The Churches written to in the New Testament did indeed live out this passage.  Far more than I have seen in most every church we have tried attending in 21 years. 
People want to be superficially involved in other people's lives. They would rather be the Priest or the Levite than the Good Samaritan.  It's far less messy to keep to yourself behind a lie.

Take a good hard look in the mirror.  Because I certainly had to. Are we shirking our obedience to fulfilling the Law of Christ by running from this passage?  You be the judge of your obedience.  That's not for me to say. 

We read of the passage where we are told that where two or more are gathered in His Name, that there He is with them.  It takes at least two in order to share burdens. 

So I guess this challenge is for all to read and consider.  Are the personal things in your life more important than obedience to God?  

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