Friday, November 12, 2021

Does not Mean what You think it means

Does not Mean what You think it means 

This passage is so taken out of context.  God's people are the Children of Israel. The Church is His Bride.  The reference here is strictly in regards to the nation of Israel. 

We who are in Christ are spoken of in different terms in 1 Corinthians. We are not regarded as the same as Israel. We are those grafted into the vine which is Christ Jesus.  We are that people who would make Israel jealous as referred to in the Bible.  

To look further, look to that last word. Land.  The Church has no land. We are aliens and visitors in this world. Our home is in Heaven with God.  His land needs no healing, His land has people dwelling there that have no need for anyone to turn back to Him.

This country of the United States is not a Godly country. It has not replaced Israel in God's plan for the ages. Christians exist all over the world.

Warm fuzziness of trying to lay claim to this passage in regards to repentance is misleading. Read the book of Acts in this. Read the book of Romans.  Read the rest of the New Testament.  Read what the Church is and is not and you will see this differently.  We are never to rewrite or misrepresent the Scriptures to fit our feelings. 

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