Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Grieved of the Heart

Grieved of the Heart 
by David Brenneman 

In yesterday's post I had mentioned the intensity of tears in Heaven that Jesus calms. That He wipes away from those who have indeed arrived after their time on Earth was through.  That they discovered that those whom they thought would be there indeed were not. 

Other grieving people are those who have died and discovered they weren't saved at all or whom believed the lies of this world over the truth of God as written in the Bible and proved out throughout history. 

A very powerful segment of the first "Left Behind" movie was the Assist Pastor who had been left behind.  His confession in the movie after the Rapture had happened points directly at people today. 

A Believers life is hidden with Christ Jesus, safely protected, secure and sealed by the Spirit of God.  Jesus said that they are in His hands and nobody is strong enough to take them from there. If that wasn't enough He is in His Father's hands and beyond all things possible nobody can remove Jesus from His Father's hands. 

There are no Believers that Jesus ever will be ashamed to confess before His Father.  The passage so misquoted on Facebook is towards those who thought they were Believers but weren't.  The Scriptures tell us clearly to be sure of the Salvation in which we claim.  There should be evidences of the fruits of the Spirit. Evidences of the gifts of the Spirit of God in the lives of Believers.  

Grief is something that does leave this world with you.  Jesus indeed is the healer of the pain of it in Heaven.  In Hell there is no one to wipe away those tears. 

It's certainly a mystery from this side of Heaven as to what comfort Jesus brings to those who shed tears in Heaven.  I firmly believe that only Jesus and His Angels can look down upon this world and see.  I do not believe that the saved in Christ Jesus can see this world.  They never would experience the rest that Jesus promised. They would not find peace.  Their finite minds would never comprehend the things that they see.  Until we receive glorified bodies after the Rapture of the Church we wouldn't be capable of truly understanding the things of God.  We get worked up now over just the news of family and friends who's lives are a concern to us.  If we saw it all, all the time, we couldn't handle it.  Anyway that's my views.  I believe that when we who die in Christ Jesus arrive in Heaven it is a place of rest until the events yet to be played out in the Bible take place. It is a place of worship of Jesus Christ and the Father and the Spirit.  

But we indeed will bring grief with us upon discovery of who didn't make it before us.  It's something that presses upon my heart in praying for those who I know that aren't saved.  It's intermixed with my prayers of those whom I know who claim to be saved...that they walk closer with Jesus today than they did yesterday. 

It grieves me in today’s world when lies are said at funerals concerning the deceased.  The Bible clearly says that only those who put their faith and trust in Christ Jesus alone for salvation are welcomed into Heaven.  Good people are not. Nice people are not.  Strange way to put it but good and nice people who may have been a help to others isn't the same as those who have Christ Jesus as their Savior.  I have stated in other posts of my firm belief in the age of accountability in regards to salvation.  

When the Rapture happens there will be immeasurable grieving happening across this world. Adults and children vanishing. Children will be here if they are indeed aware of good and evil.  

It pains me to see people claiming to be Christians claiming to be Pro-Choice. This is impossible for a Christian since it's contrary to God's Will.  God decidedly is Pro-Life, rebuking even His own Disciples for hindering the children coming to Him. Jesus died for all mankind's sins.  Which means every single life is precious to Him. Those lives may indeed reject Him but it doesn't imply that they are insignificant or reduced in value. 

We grieve the Spirit of God when a life is taken without regard to that life's importance.  

We need to continue in prayer for one another while there's still time for hope and healing thats available in this life.  We need to be sure of our salvation in Christ Jesus.  We get no second chances after we die. People face a world of wrath upon this Earth after the Rapture of the Church. A world of great grief if it's discovered too late that they weren't saved to begin with. 

Look at what is important to you.  Is it a reflection of what is important to Jesus? 

Look at what makes you happy and what indeed burdens your soul, is it a reflection of Jesus?

Love God and love people.  

We need to live lives that reflect a right relationship with Jesus.  Lived that are like Andrew the Disciple, pointing people to Jesus in word and deeds.  We don't save anyone, only the Spirit of God working in the hearts of people.  We plant seeds, but our responsibility doesn't end there. We need to pray over the seeds. We need to be sure of the tending to what develops. 
Praying at all times.  Jesus said the harvest is plentiful but the workers are few.  He also wondered if He would find the faith when He returns. Those two are connected. 

Pray for those you know and care about. 
Pray for those you meet.

Pray because in the here and now we can make a difference.  We can lessen the tears in Heaven by being as sure as we can about our salvation and that of others as much as the Spirit allows.

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