Sunday, May 8, 2022

What Changed My Mind

What Changed My Mind 
By David Brenneman 

You may ask to yourself what would convince someone to be a follower of Jesus.

I decided to follower Christ in 1974. Indeed I was young but youthful thinking wasn't the reason.  The truth is when I was ready my heart and mind were opened to understand the Scriptures concerning salvation.  

As most know of me today, I indeed am a thinker, a troubleshooter of problems.  I began before I could talk to try to wonder why things worked.  

To know that Jesus loves me with an everlasting love was incredible to me.  To know that I indeed was a sinner who needed His free gift of salvation was actually freeing.  It explained life and why life was the way it was.  As one who seeks answers to problems it was indeed the greatest answer to my greatest problem. 

Some may think that I took a wrong turn so long ago and have been paying for it since.  On the contrary, I have a lifetime of answers to prayer that prove to me the validity of that decision as a child to trust Jesus for salvation.  

If time and memory would come together I doubt that even I could type out all that my Savior has done for me.  I am still a work in progress with Him.  Jesus still has days where He has to pick me back up again. By no means am I perfect.  I fail Him often and He still forgives me.  

Jesus still loves me. It matters not how many lifelong friends or family you have, no one will ever love you with the unconditional uncomparable love of Christ Jesus.  Nobody will ever understand your heart and soul as completely as the One who searches the hearts and know the intentions of everything you could possibly consider...and yet still loves you. He still has a plan to bring you around to your purpose in Christ Jesus if indeed you call Him your Savior too.

I have met people who consider Christianity a lost cause. That you lose out on having fun and enjoying life.  That it's a crutch, something to lean on when problems arise.  

I have also seen the miracles of God happen to myself and others. Seen things happen that absolutely cannot be explained any other way than through the work of God. 

I have seen, met, shaken hands with a demon possessed man.  I can easily attest to the truth that demons are real.  Evil is all around us to some degree.  Demons are slick.  They have learned how to seduce people into staying away from God.  

In layman's terms I might be considered an intellectual.  I have to admit that there could be a truth to that.  However I don't see it. I seek to remain in the truth of God.  God teaches and I just pray that I am listening enough to learn.  If I display understanding in something it's from God.  

There's going to be a lot of time when we all pass into eternity.  If you haven't come to Christ for salvation you will spend it in torment in the Lake of Fire at the end of the thousand year reign of Jesus Christ.  For those who have put their faith and trust in Christ Jesus alone for salvation they will spend it with Him, enjoying His peace in a world prepared for those who love Him and are called according to His purpose.  In those days I plan on asking Him to show me the possibilities that never happened in my life that He saved me from in my time on Earth.  Only with a glorified body and mind will I ever be able to comprehend what He will show me. 

Some say it takes a leap of faith to believe in God.  To tell you the truth it takes a step. 

Read what it took to instill belief in the hearts of people in the Old Testament. It took one step towards belief in obedience that opened their hearts to God's truth about Himself.  One step. 

You may be on the fence about Jesus. You may be one who hasn't decided yet.  I will tell you something that may sound strange.  Walking into a church isn't going to save you.  Sitting in a church isn't going to save you.  There's many who even think they have taught in a church who have discovered they weren't saved. A building won't save you nor cause you to understand what salvation is or to change your mind about God.  It's your decision to ask Jesus to reveal Himself to you that will open that door.  You see, Jesus will not barge into your life. That particular door has a doorknob only on your side of it. There's no way for Him to open it. 

If you have read this far maybe you'll go a little bit farther. Ask Jesus to make Himself known to you. To reveal Himself in a way that you need in order to understand this whole thing about salvation, about sin and a need to do something about it. 

My hope and prayer is that someone comes to Jesus through this blog.  Even if it's one person.  God's taking it across this world, 44 countries at least.  

Challenge what you know of life and ask Jesus to show up.  He will if you really mean it.

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