Sunday, May 22, 2022

You take that too seriously!

You take that Jesus thing too seriously!
by David Brenneman 

I've had similar things said to me as well as the look people give me when God or Jesus is mentioned. 

Let's take a different look at this shall we? 

It's not just a matter of being convinced that sin exists.  Anyone can look around and see the evil that comes out of mankind.  It is incredible, in an extremely sad sense, of the new levels that evil goes to in this world.  I mean it's really bad when even the mainstream media determines its too harsh to be shown to the world. 

We who call ourselves Christians are becoming the more disliked or even hated among the peoples of this planet. Second only to the people of Israel. 

We have television shows, have been movies, that have or are trying to cast Satan in an ironically better light.  Satan is far more accepted in the world today than you might believe.  He is because he's as Jesus described. A liar from the beginning and the Father of lies.  He's the seducer of people. He's had several thousand years of practice.  Enough so that some of you reading this scoffed and laughed at what you just read. 

What's incredible is how even people who claim to be Satanist's depict him.  There's nothing anywhere in history to show he ever had horns, was red, or was half man half animal.  

There's much to be said concerning his attempts to sway people...and that is exactly what he's out to do. He hates Christ followers. He loathes the Jewish people. The chief reason being is that God loves them. Therefore he hates them. 

The reality of life in our day is his smoke and mirrors.  His drive to distract people from ever finding salvation in Christ Jesus.  Everyone born has an element of faith in God.  We can choose to come to Christ for salvation or not.  

What must be understood is there is indeed eternal consequences to what we choose. It's no joking matter. 

That's why I take my life in Christ Jesus so seriously.  That's why it's more important to me than appointments or sometimes eating.  People's eternity is at stake. 

My life is hidden with Christ in God. The Bible says that in Colossians 3:3 "For you have died, and your life is hidden with Christ in God. When Christ, who is our life, is revealed, then you also will be revealed with Him in glory."

Why is it hidden? Satan would love to take it.  

There's a war coming that literally is of Biblical proportions.  It's a war that's crossing over between the Spiritual and the Physical world. It's unlike any mankind has ever seen or will see again.  

"Oh you're making that up!"

Take a step back before you continue laughing. Every single prophecy in the Bible is or has come true.  Every. There's less than 500 left and most all are to do with the book of Revelation and a few other books of the Bible. This rise in animosity concerning Russia, Iran and soon Turkey towards Israel is no coincidence. It was written long ago. 

You see I know without any doubt that Jesus is real, that the things written in the Bible are real because I have seen it and experienced it.  

"Oh you're just attributing what happened with something you claim God did!" 

Actually, my Dear Reader, my chief experience comes from the war and battles that I lived through with Satan and his minions. 

Consider that which has been so well documented in human history concerning war.  When an enemy wanted something they had processes that they went through to attack to try to achieve it.

War is war. There's psychological warfare there's Spiritual warfare. There's Physical warfare. 

You may not be realizing it but you are waging a war within your mind right now concerning what you are reading. Part of you is probably scoffing at what's been said.  Even many Believers aren't as aware of the warfare that happens over a human soul that exists. 

Jesus said that the world would hate those who believe because they hated Him. Whenever a person comes to Christ the Spirit of God sets His seal upon them. Read the beginning of the book of Job. Satan has to make a daily appearance in Heaven before Jesus. He has to seek permission to do anything to a Believer. 

"Why would a 'good' God allow bad things to happen to good people?" 

Realize that where Satan means to do people harm that are not for him, God intends good to be the result.  The work of the Spirit is to make those who Believe to be more like Christ. Satan's aim is to inhibit that as much as possible. Literally if God's for it, Satan's against it. 

To take life for all its worth means to decide not on a career, but on your reasons for living.  My reasons for living are just greater than my wants in my life.  My reasons for living are to show Christ Jesus to others. That's what He said to do.  I can't be silent and watch people go to Hell.  Because without salvation in Christ Jesus that's where people go when they die. There's no purgatory. There's no vast emptiness called oblivion that is the destination of people after death.  There is no reincarnation. There's the only proven afterlife as described by Jesus in the Gospels. 

The result of a life without Christ is a person paying for their own sins in Hell until the end of the thousand year reign of Jesus Christ and the Final Judgment takes place. Then all who rejected Him will yet again be found guilty and be thrown into the Lake of Fire. 

There's plenty of testimonials of people dying where they were crying out in pain because of slipping into the Hell that awaited them...yet they even then refused to be saved by Jesus Christ. They cried out in anguish at the pain from a fire that wasn't of this world. 

So you might think that I am crazy to to not want to see you go through that. That I want you to see that God so loved you that He gave His only Son to die on a cross in your place, to pay for your sins, so that Hell would not be your eternal home. That you would spend eternity with Jesus along with those who believe. 

Interestingly enough Angels and Demons have absolutely no trouble understanding all of this. Only human beings do. Jesus even eluded to the fact that even the rocks have the ability to cry out in joy for Him.

Crazy?  So call me crazy.  Call me crazy for caring whether or not you go to Hell or Heaven.  Call me crazy for choosing to care about you. I have lived through too much to ever believe otherwise to which I testify.  The Bible says that those who have yet to believe are blinded. Jesus can cure that. Jesus can help you see that He really does love you. That He really did take your place so that your punishment for your sins fell upon Him. His offer is free to all who would call upon His name. 

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