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God's Answers Aren't Always What We Want

God's Answers Aren't Always What We Want 
by David Brenneman 

We don't always get what we want in praying because we are really probably looking for our will to be done on Earth.  It may not come about because it's not in God's plans for you or this world. 

At heart I am a troubleshooter and an inventor.  I have ideas that likely could change the world for the better. At least up this point in my life God's not allowing those ideas to come to life.  He's shown me proof that while yes they would work, they don't fit into His sovereign will for mankind. 

Fear is and will be the main tool of Satan as we get nearer to the return of Jesus Christ.  Satan's been pushing the boundaries of what he's been permitted to do by God.  Satan's been practicing yet within the scope of the word of God.  No matter what he wants or tries he has to obey God in what he is told.  In regards to individuals his work is limited concerning Believers and only to a certain extent with the Unbelieving. 

In our praying we often seek our will to be done or the will of those who are probably indeed asking in earnest because the need is great.

The thing to note is it's the perceived need.

In the lives of Believers we are to seek to live life in such a way that others see our good works and glorify God in Heaven. We are to, first and foremost, live life knowing and remembering, that we are to seek His Will to be done on Earth as it is in Heaven. Secondly, we are to remember that we are not our own, we were bought with a price. The very blood of Jesus Christ. We are then His workmanship created in Christ Jesus for good works that we might walk in them. All these things are written in the very Bible we are to find ourselves in daily. 

Satan's efforts include distractions. Every form and type.  From the utterly useless that consumes our time to the invasive that leaves scars.  Satan's work is to thwart the work of God in the life of Believers.  If Believers live and do what they are taught then he's failed.  Satan's not able to read the mind of a Believer. He can attempt to influence the thinking of Believers but he cannot enter in and see what's going on. The Unbelievers he has a lot more ability with.  With the Unbelieving he can twist and distort to the point they mutilate their bodies into something that God never intended. Everything from lifestyle changes to murder to sexual orientation changes.  

In our lives, both the Believers and the Unbelieving there's two forms of things happening in regards to prayer and praying.  That of the individual requests and that of those requests in regards to God's eternal plans for mankind. 

As I lead off in my depiction of myself, God's not going to grant me an answer to a prayer concerning his help in my desire to invent something that would alter his plans for mankind.  The best prayers to be prayed have to do with that of Spiritual growth for Believers and for the salvation of the Unbelieving.  Health, wealth and prosperity are never a guaranteed promise of God. If that were honestly the case the thief on the cross was gypped. Stephen who was stoned to death was gypped. Peter who was hung on a cross, purportedly upside down, was gypped. Where was this supposed health, wealth and prosperity for them?  But what does the Bible say? "Indeed, all who want to live in a godly way in Christ Jesus will be persecuted." 2 Timothy 3:12 NASB. 

I have been taught and have indeed my Friend have come to know and understand something about praying and prayer. 

God, when He does answer a prayer, it's first passed the muster of its impact on His will for mankind, not just the individual.  Secondly, prayers that are prayed are answered in one of only a few ways. Yes, no, not right now, or wait-I have something better in mind.  

Something you must also consider is your obedience to God's Word and Will, impact your prayers.  You impact your prayer life in a seriously negative way when you live in disobedience. Why should you receive an answer if you're intentionally living in sin?  

A Believer is to be a follower of Christ Jesus. Just as the examples in the Gospels.  A Follower of Christ Jesus set aside their personal wants etc to learn to live as Jesus taught and was an example of. 

Satan loves to discourage Believers by use of his twisted lies about our perception to God’s response to our prayers. 

We visited the thought a short time ago about would Jesus find the faith in us when He returns.  That faith is our obedience to and our lives reflecting a life IN Christ Jesus.  

Look at your motivations behind what you are praying.  Are you remembering the teaching of Jesus concerning what prayer is to be?  

A - Adoration.  Remembering who God is. 
C - Confession. Ask Him to forgive your daily sins. 
T - Thanksgiving.  Be thankful for everything. Not just what we perceive as good in our lives but the bad stuff as well. 
S - Supplication. Here is where we ask God for anything.  The first 3 set the stage for a right mindset in our asking. 

One more thing to consider.  God's view on death isn't ours. Our views on someone or something facing death are not ours. Ours is veiled in selfishness. Our desire is that the person or even pet doesn't die. We want them to stay here in this world with us.  God views death as an answer to a healing not just as an end to either opportunity to be saved or as an end of service to Him.  

We get so distracted by various impulses and feelings that twist and distort our prayer life.  In line from a gospel song, it goes like this:  this highway leads to glory but it's no easy ride. You'll find all kinds of exits to throw you off your stride. Some will lead to fortune others lead to fame. Some will lead you so far gone that you won't return again.  Oh you just stay between the white lines
Obey all the right signs
Keep your eyes open all the time
Oh you just stay between the white lines
Never pass o're the yellow line
And you'll get to heaven right on time.

That song is concerning Believers. 

You and I can easily be so distracted and discouraged by perceived prayer not being answered.  Read the book of Daniel. Daniel prayed for days or maybe weeks until a personal answer came. Jesus taught us to persist in prayer.  We read in James the effects of the prayer of a righteous person.  Praying with the right priorities is paramount.  

Jesus didn't say He would grant miracles just because we asked for one. 

Jesus didn't say He would heal someone just because we asked Him to.  Even Paul wasn't able to heal all the time.  

We should easily stop with the thinking that we are going to live a life of ease here on Earth by praying for it. We should stop seeking our own Will and get back to wanting what God wants. His Will to be done on Earth as it is in Heaven. 

Truth is this...this world isn't getting better and will never be a utopia.  This world is preparing for the return of Jesus Christ. This world knows He is returning. It's the people of the world that are most important to Jesus. He came to seek and save the lost. Our treasure in Heaven isn't gold, that's the asphalt of Heaven. The treasure in Heaven is people. That which is most valuable to God. 

Let your prayer life reflect Jesus in you and see where you go in your thoughts and prayers. 

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