Sunday, June 12, 2022

Seriously Serious

Seriously Serious 
by David Brenneman 

"The heavens tell of the glory of God; And their expanse declares the work of His hands. Day to day pours forth speech, And night to night reveals knowledge."Psalm 19:1-2

People by the millions look around at this world, looking on at what's going on in it, can hear the often faint cry of Believer's to come to Jesus for salvation and yet ignore or disregard the seriousness of it. 

People with every type of excuse from hatred and anger at the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to fully blind apathy.  They just don't care to know.  Yet moment by moment people die.  The picture that I included states it well.  Death isn't just some physical end result of something like fate or luck, it's a result of sin entering the world many centuries ago. 

There are many yet today thinking they can talk to the dead, never realizing they speak with demons.  The dead who died in their sin have no trouble realizing that their sin, regardless of what they felt about it, put them in Hell.  If you die today in your own sin, you too will join them in their pain and torment in Hell. It's a certainty.  You can "take it to the bank" as the phrase goes. 

I think of those in this world that I have worked with who are of those who don't believe.  I pray for them every day on my way to work.  I pray for them because the Spirit can still go wherever I cannot. He can traverse the miles and still work in their lives towards the knowledge of salvation.  

I often pray for those across this world and the ISS who may be reading this blog.  That someone who is ready might come to Christ for salvation.  

Praying and prayer is a serious thing to me.  You see nobody can stop me from praying but me.  The Scriptures say that the fervent prayers of a righteous man avails much.  James 5:16.

We see in the Gospels that it dawned on the Disciples that prayer was important to Jesus, so they asked Him about it.  What was important to Jesus they wanted to be important to them. 

Do you consider whatever is important Jesus to be important to you?  Or are you operating under some false idea that obedience is optional?  That whenever it's convenient you can fit obeying God into your life?  Seriously?  

Seriously many professing Christians do that.  They honestly play a game of make believe.  They give Jesus enough of their lives to appease their conscience then run off to do whatever the world tempts them to do.  Because they really think that the world's offering is better than what Jesus has to offer.  That's just calling a spade a spade. Seriously. 

There is no room for operating as though the aspects of the Christian life that God desires for you and I were optional.  

We aren't to entertain false teachers even for an hour. We aren't to listen to those who speak against the Word of God as though what they had to say held any kind of merit.  There aren't many forms of light in God's Kingdom. Just one light, Jesus Christ.  There aren't many truths concerning the Bible message, there's one. There not many paths to Heaven, there's only one way, through salvation in Christ Jesus alone.  

Sin is the reason for the evils in this world. Not man-made objects.  Sin that is embraced and not rejected sends people to Hell to pay for that choice. Sin separates people from God.  Seriously. Sin is the root of all kinds of evil. 

What Jesus had to do to make a way for those whom He loves, humanity, to enter into His Heaven tells you how seriously God takes sin.

Jesus had to endure all the sin of all people for all of human history on the cross.  Even the sins of those who ultimately have or will have rejected Him. 

Those residents in Hell know why they are there.  They know it has everything to do with their sin.  Nobody there wants to be there.  You certainly do not want to join them there.  You have the choice they no longer have. Seriously. You can still come to Christ for salvation. You can still do something about your sins. Right here right now. It's between you and God. You in your heart and mind right now can come to Jesus and ask Him to save you. Now you don't HAVE to tell others you decided to follow Jesus but it's good that you choose to.  Seriously you need to understand that the time is soon coming when those who have not decided to follow Jesus and to have Him be their personal Savior will learn the hard truth that the warnings of God were really true. That He was coming back to receive all who believed on His Name for salvation. 

Seriously Serious is what I always am in regards to telling all of you about this free gift of salvation through Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior.  Whatever the world tells you that is different is a lie.  The world will try to convince you that there are other truths. The world will try to twist the Word of God to make you think that getting close to God is enough. That you don't need to take sin seriously. That God's going to weigh your good works against your bad and will hopefully let you into Heaven. Without Christ Jesus you will never get into Heaven. Read the book of Revelation. The final judgment is exactly that of looking at people's deeds. After all that is reviewed...if their names were not written in the book of life,  that is, they never came to Christ for salvation, their good deeds meant nothing. Seriously you could be something of a greatest of human beings and live a fantastically great life helping others, even giving to the Church, but have not salvation in Christ Jesus, you will end up in Hell.  

Nobody's deeds will ever wipe away a single sin. Seriously. 

You need to take Jesus seriously.  He took it seriously that you needed to be saved and He went through the painful torment of the cross to save you.  But you must still choose to receive that free gift.  The gift is still on the table but you must pick it up and claim it as your own.  

Seriously the choice is with you. 

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