Thursday, June 30, 2022

In the Midst of Troubles

In The Midst of Troubles 
by David Brenneman 

Many years ago the Statler Brothers had been in search of a new 4th member to add to the group with the passing of Lew.

They had a hit song lead by new member Jimmie Fortune, "More Than a Name on a Wall".  It's a tribute to veterans everywhere to remember them as more than just a name to be read.  But in regards to today's message, remembering seems to be the key. 

Remembering who Jesus is, not who we or some in this world have made Him out to be or not be. 

Remembering the names of Jesus.  Remembering by way of prayer. 
Remembering...with thanksgiving.

We were told to really not believe the rank of my Dad on the place his name was engraved, that he was much more than what it says. 

Still others in what we shall call "special duty" in their military service are often hidden behind false reasons for their deaths in order to protect others. The most often used isn't necessarily the truth. 

Remembering.  We are often way too busy with self to stop and remember what we ought to. Our brains have overflowed into electronic technology to keep up with the intensity of things in this world. 

Remembering to consider the attributes of God.  Do we really ever?  

Do we remember to confess our sins? 
Is it a thought of yours at all?   Not being aware of anything isn't necessary a sign of innocence of sin. Read the early chapters of Job. Look at how he thought of the sins of himself and his children. 

Thanksgiving. Oh how easy it is to forget to be thankful to God.  It's one of the chief reasons that I like the song "What He's Done" by Passion Conferences. 

We get so wrapped up in ourselves and the pressures of life we forget much.

We get neglectful of our faith. 


The job, the family, the friends, are coming before our Lord and Savior.  
The hobby, the things done in our leisure time, sports, etc. mean more than our time with Jesus. 
Even the news and social media can take a higher place and priority than our walk with Jesus. 

Months ago we were challenged to look at our time after we get work, eating and sleeping out of the way. Your 42 hours.

Look at that 42 in light of what Jesus said was necessary to His Disciples. 

Notice the things that Jesus taught us that needed to be the highest priorities in life. 

In the midst of our troubled lives we neglect so much.  In the midst of his painful suffering Job spoke of remembering that his Redeemer lives. 

Do you remember this when life takes a turn that YOU weren't expecting?  Surely it wasn't unexpected to God.  

We often don't remember the truth in 1 Thessalonians 5. To rejoice always. Even in our pain and suffering?  Hmm. That passage DID say always.  Just like asking what all means. All means all and that's all all means. Always means always and that's what always means. 

We tend to get ingrown eyeballs when suffering or painful uncomfortable times come upon us.  We look in ourselves, the scope of our thinking tends to collapse to it being our immediate vicinity.  Makes us change our thinking on what's important in that moment.  Makes us consider prayer more.  Hmm.  Think about that. 

We don't realize that the glitzy world we live in is but a vapor.  As the Bible says, the grass grows, it withers, but the Word of God lasts forever. 

What the Bible teaches on what to do during suffering, be it self inflicted or world inflicted, is often what draws us into a better relationship with Jesus.  The Bible says He was a man of sorrows, well acquainted with grief.  He prayed often in order to regain His fellowship with His Father. 

We often regard one of the attributes of Jesus as being the promise keeper.  Do not miss that is an attribute of the Father too. In order for Jesus to bear the sins of this world alone, the Father had to turn His face away.  I think that too was in keeping with His promises concerning sin. Sin cannot be excused, condoned or dismissed because it's sin. Only the righteousness of God can wash it away. Only the obedience of Jesus, the Father’s holding back from helping His Son when sin stood in the way, are we able to have fellowship with God. Only by remembering our past, not living in it, do we move ahead in the midst of troubles.  

Be in prayer always, remembering to thank Jesus for each of these things.  Your life isn't wrapped up in worldly actions and activities.  

It's in your relationship with Jesus. Do you consider His grace, mercy, His forgiveness, His protection, His guidance? His friendship, His peace.  His unfailingly loving you. His being your Savior? 

No other religion in this world is wrapped in the love of God through Jesus Christ, the Son of God. No other is wrapped up in a right relationship with Jesus Christ. 

We are always going to have hard times in this life.  It's all about your perspective. 

We are told to set our minds on the things above and not on the things of this world.

In the midst of troubles it's interesting how they make us do that.  When our minds are at the Throne of God we tend to have fewer priorities.  We tend to experience the love of God more.  We tend to find more peace that we cannot explain.  

It's easy to read of Mary and Martha.  Of Martha's complaint.  We don't see that we can choose to be either.  We can choose the things of this world and take ourselves from the feet of Jesus.  We can and do then wonder at the troubles we find in this life.  

Jesus often got away to be with His Father.  How often did He? It says it was His practice.  His desire.  Is it your desire?

If what's important to God that's supposed to be important to you and I, is quality time with Jesus important to you?  Do you at all share what's on your mind and heart with Jesus when you pray?  Or are you only giving Jesus a to-do list instead?

Is there any intimacy in your conversation with your Savior, if indeed He is your Savior?

What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and yet forfeit his soul?  What can a man give in exchange for his soul? 

In the midst of troubles what's really more important? 

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