Thursday, October 20, 2022

Doing What We're Told, When We're Told

Doing What We're Told, When We're Told
by David Brenneman 

Indeed it's been a very worthwhile purchase for me in this new Bible.  

One of today's points is: 
"Jeremiah 26:2 -- Stand in the court of the Lord's house, and speak...all the words that I have commanded you to speak."

Jeremiah knew that partial obedience is blatant rebellion. He may have feared to speak every word that God told him to proclaim, but he did it. Only through the Spirit can we obey like this." -- LPDB 

This sort of hits home with me. 

It's been many years now of writing what I have been called to write.  I sort of now feel a kinship with this Jeremiah.  Writing what I am directed to write, with a similar calling.

Obedience is never to be partial in regards to God's Word and calling in a Believer's life. 

We can't be formed by feelings and emotions.  We will be lied to and deceived by them to protect our sin nature.  

I make no prophetic predictions in what I am told to write. I am simply being obedient to what I was told to do. 

Many a Pastor, who's grounded in Christ, will tell you that we aren't bench warmers in this life.  We have a purpose in the body of Christ in this here, this now. Age is meaningless to God's actions and activities in this world. Abraham was around a hundred years old and yet was told in a year he would have a son.

A man born blind who was in his 40's was healed by Jesus.  Began worshipping right then and there. Ready for what Jesus would tell him to do next. 

In Christ we are living a life in this world and yet at the same time being transformed into the likeness of Christ Jesus.  We can hinder that transformation but we cannot stop it for its of God's desire, design and purpose. 

We will face storms in this life. Things out of the blue that make us feel like we were hit broadside.  The Bible says that though the enemy of God means such things for evil, God can and does turn them around for His good.  Not even Satan has the power to stop what God's put in motion. 

"When a storm rages in your life, understand that the Lord is already planning how to turn destruction into good. Seek His objective, then work with Him to achieve it. Romans 8:28 "We know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose."" - LPDB

"Returning believers to right fellowship is only one of God's purposes for a storm. Some difficulties are meant to blow away all distractions so that we can focus our attention on the Lord. Other tempests break our worldly mold so that we can be conformed to the image of Christ. Our personal pleasure is not the top priority. God's primary concern is to shape a wise and obedient servant who loves Him." LPDB.

Did you catch that? 

"Our personal pleasure is not the top priority." 

Growing up we were taught to do what we were told, when told.  This lesson has its roots in Biblical teaching.  Was reading elsewhere in my Bible this morning and read a chapter in Isaiah 50 about the separation of man and God.  Our iniquities it called them, another word is sins. Have separated us from God. When we come to Christ His intention is not to leave us in such a sorry state.  He's the Great Physician. He cannot save you n do nothing about our wounds. He casts our sins as far away as the east is from the west. He cares too much to leave us in our condition. 

Spending time with Jesus is obedience. But if we're half heartedly doing it, it's disobedience.  

Praying half heartedly is disobedience. 

Doing what we must from wrong motivations is disobedience. 

We who are in Christ Jesus serve a living Lord and Savior.  We aren't to be on the sidelines waiting for either Him to return or us to somehow die. 

Every Believer is in the body of Christ with a purpose. 

Ever have a day when your body has parts that just aren't working so well with your other body parts?  You think that the body of Christ is any different?  With your body you have to often get other parts to compensate because life goes on.  Sometimes there's lingering effects of pushing parts of your body to do things that they weren't intended to be doing. 

We are in the body of Christ as the Spirit sees fit.  Full obedience is necessary. 

Our personal feelings and happiness aren't a requirement towards obedience.  Jeremiah went through many severe situations. Paul went through a long list that included being stoned several times.  In everything God saw them and countless others through their storms and made each and every single one of them more like Christ. 

Are you giving your 100% to God?  
Are you giving only what doesn't hurt?
Are you giving anything at all?
Are you only trying to protect your feelings and emotions?

Think about the life you have been given in Christ.  Life is hard whether you are a Believer or not. In Christ we have a purpose for what we go through. Outside of Christ our life has no purpose but personal fulfillment that ends in eternal hopelessness.  You transition from this world to Hell, weeping or gnashing your teeth at God because you only then realize what all your selfish life choices meant.
Those in Christ transition to the presence of Jesus to forever be with Him.  To see all the lives, not just their own, that were impacted by their full obedience. 

I'm not a big one for sports analogies, but, this one is right. 

In Junior High or High School many are enthralled by the popularity and success of football players. Your peers push you to get excited with them and choose a team.  Many see their success and want it for themselves. Yet they don't want to do the work to get there.

I watched a short video on a very popular basketball player. His choice to constantly come down on his teammates had a good reason but how he motivated them was not.  His irritation came because he wanted a championship. He got to practice early, stayed late, to perfect his game.  His teammates barely showed up on time for practice and left immediately. 
His point of view was they would only earn his respect by being intentional about why they were there.  To give their 100 percent or more.  Literally his view was the same as what we began this with. Partial obedience nets disobedience. You're not in it for what you are supposed to be in it for. 

Look at your life and just how obedient you are being.  When prompted are you obeying when God prompts you?
Are you giving your all to the One who gave His all for you?

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