Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Practiced, not Accidental or Incidental

Practiced, Not Accidental or Incidental 
by David Brenneman 

We won't get far with excuses with Jesus. 

He's beyond the ultimate in understanding that we experienced as a child when our parents didn't need to ask what we were up to. He knows. 

He knows more than we can ask or think. 
He knows every conceivable outcome of every possible moment you face.
He knows every single intention of your heart. 
He knows every single person that way...and holds the Universe together on top of it all. 

He knows and loves you and I regardless. 
He knows our going out and our coming in.

He wants what's best for us if only we would leave the choice to Him. 

But this takes practice.  Intentional practice.  Not accidental or incidentally. Intentional. 

We are easily distracted, easily disappointed, easily discouraged. I know that I certainly am.  

We don't realize, deeply enough, just what is really going on in our world and in our lives. 

It's not about our prosperity. 
It's not about our joy and happiness in Earthly stuff. 
It's not about our anything this world has to offer.  You're not taking anything with you when you leave this world anyway. 

What a Believer takes is what has happened with them in growing in Christ Jesus.  What they did in the body for Jesus.  There are no U-Haul's to Heaven. No trailer hitches to caskets. 

Obedience to God's Word produces growth in Christ Jesus.  Faith is strengthened not necessarily by our good times in life but by what we've gone through in Christ for our Savior. 

It takes intentional practice. 

It takes intentionality.  As it was written earlier in where I photographed, a bodybuilder doesn't decide right away to go lift 500 lbs.  They go to through specific exercises to move up what can be lifted until they are safely able to do what's necessary to lift 500 lbs.

We cannot go through this life aimlessly when Jesus's following the Father’s intentional plans for all who believe. 

We aren't here to be all we can be for ourselves, to our own good pleasure, for our own desires and wants.  Read in the early parts of Genesis before the Great Flood.  Every single person was doing what was right in their own eyes and their thoughts were evil continually.  We, when left to our own thing, will not do what's right in God's eyes. 

We also cannot be only a Believer on the surface.  Deep roots make tall trees withstand the storms. Shallow roots will uproot the tree.

The roots fight to grow downward as the tree grows upward.  We need to press on toward the upward call of God in Christ Jesus for our lives.  Being intentional on growing deeper roots.

It's a practiced thing. It takes intentional repeating. Prayer as often as we think about it.  Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.  think about that.  It's not your worldly desires. It's you wanting to be useful to your Savior that will be granted. 

Each morning are you intentional in greeting the day given to you in prayer?
Each morning are you intentional in being in the Word of God?
Each day are you seeing where God has you and what He wants of you?

Is the desire of your heart what God wants?

I know that in my life worry can be a heartbeat away.  May sound strange based on what I have been instructed to write, but it's true.  I still have a sin nature. I still go through life adjusting to what I see, hear, touch and feel.  Prayer calms me. Calms that drumbeat on that door to my mind. 

I intentionally get up early to greet my Savior. To spend time with Jesus. To be in prayer and to be seeing what He has for me in today while it's today.  

Doesn't mean that it makes life a breeze.  Faith makes life possible when lived in Christ Jesus.  

All Believer's have something to be doing in their lives for Christ Jesus.  The tasks are never too daunting when faith is present.  Our personal preferences would be to sit out life until either God calls us home or the Rapture happens.  Jesus never wants a single Believer to sit it out. There are no bench warmers with Jesus. 

Are you being intentional about growing in Christ?  Are you putting what God wants of you before what you want of you?  

Wisdom is freely given to all who ask Him.

So be bold enough to ask.
Be bold enough to see where you really are in your growing in Christ. 

Let today be when you take bigger steps in growing your roots deeper in your faith. 

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