Tuesday, October 25, 2022

His, Not Ours...

His, Not Ours...
by David Brenneman 

This morning is unique for me.  A year ago at this time I was somewhat doing what I am right now.  Writing a post for this blog. I was doing it after waking up in a camper getting ready for my first day of work at my new employer. 

Life went into overdrive quickly a year ago.  When we took a leap of faith to move, God certainly moved.  

This verse describes much concerning our lives in the last 20 plus years.  We had plans for this or that.  Many times we considered moving.  Back then where we are now was on a list of possibilities. Tennessee was an option as well as other places we have been that we liked.

But, obviously, none of those many plans came to fruition.  They weren't God's plan. 

I sit here getting ready for today.  Still thinking on a year ago.  I remember it well only because I believe He wants me to.  I normally don't recall much of my life easily.  

We went through much in the early spring and summer of last year emotionally or at least we thought we had.  We thought we were prepared, equipped, for moving.  We were oh so very wrong.  Emotional attachments to things were heavy.  After it really sank in that yes, indeed moving was really happening, we had to really really make hard choices on what was staying, what was going, what was being donated and what was being thrown away.  I lost track of how many runs to the thrift store there were.  I think we offloaded over half of the house and yet there was still a lot.  We were reaching out to people we knew here who got us in contact with Godly people whom God used in fantastic ways for us.  

Our realtor, whom I was referring to as the EF Hutton of this city, knew what to do, how to do, and who to talk to.  A super answer to prayer.  We couldn't find a storage unit, he located one.  We needed a financial advisor, he found one.  Both he and the advisor both go to the same Church as we would be attending. 

God's plan. God's purpose. 

In the coming days I would be seriously stretched.  We would need a realtor down there as well.  Several we looked at just weren't getting us.  Through our realtor here we were connected with the one we chose, who is now a friend of ours. I was struggling to live two lives going into this week a year ago.  Focusing on work and the week while weekends were filled with being back down there working on packing, preparing, etc.  Home inspection found problems we didn't know about or didn't know how to deal with. God took care of it all.  The move was going to happen.  It was His purpose and plan. 

I was looking at houses here while my Wife was packing and dealing with house showings.  I brought several loads to our storage unit.  

We're still discovering more about His plans a year later.  His purpose is for our sanctification. That's why we took the leap of faith.  His plans are to make that happen.  Not just in our lives but to help others in it happening in their lives. 

We are doing our level best to organize this house to be useful to His purpose.  We're being pretty picky about what comes into it. To not collect things for the sake of doing so.  We are trying to be intentional on serving.  

We don't know where everything is going.  We are just trying to be obedient in what we have been given to do.  

Life isn't necessarily going to be all sunshine and rainbows. Life isn't going to be about our striking it rich and worry free. When you come to Christ He begins the work of sanctification, the work of making you and I more like Christ.  We have to let go of the past. We have to realize it's going to have painful moments and joyful times. 
Life, after coming to Christ, is going to be about His purpose happening in and through us. 

We aren't to sit on the sidelines. 
We aren't to be couch potatoes.
We aren't to be spending our time, energy and efforts only on bettering our own lives. 
We are to be making what is important to Jesus, important to us.
We are to seek first His kingdom and His righteousness. 
We are to let go of sins that so easily entangle us.
We aren't to embrace the world or the things of this world.
We are on-call for Christ at all times. Jesus never once told anyone that He was off the clock. 

We need to be who He purposed for us to be.  Are you considering that as you head off into today?  Are you asking God to help you fulfill His purpose in your life?

Are you living a life that says "Jesus lives here"?  

I still have anxiety issues.  They aren't as frequent as they used to be.  I have some Godly men to ask to pray concerning those times.  

I do miss several whom we left behind.  But in Christ it's only temporary.  In Christ I will see them again.  Either in this life or in Heaven.  

Oh the changes a year has made.  I still think something greater than even this move here is coming.  God's purpose only began a year ago.  

As I have read it somewhere: God gives His best to those who leave the choice to Him. 

Are you leaving the choices to Him?
Are you trying to live in the past or in the present with Jesus?
Are you seeking what He is in your life or are you trying to live it your way?

He came to give us life, and not just life, but life more abundant.  It will have greater highs and lower lows than we can think possible.  

It's His purpose that will prevail. 

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