Saturday, October 1, 2022

The Need For Brothers (and Sisters)

The Need for Brothers (And Sisters)
by David Brenneman 

In recent weeks the subject of needing one another in Christ seems to be the theme. 

We cannot live a successful life in Christ alone.  We make the dumbest decisions on our own. We make choices that take the cake at being stupid on our own.  We easily lie to ourselves because we seek our own best interests. We cannot look to ourselves by ourselves and expect the truth.  The truth in Christ comes from our Brothers and Sisters in Christ who are indeed being obedient to Jesus.  

At times, we need brutal honesty whether it feels good or not.  We need to be surrounded by those who would spur us to love and good deeds as the Bible says. 

We need people who would tell us what we need to hear and not what we want to hear. 

The Father’s plan was to begin with the 12 Disciples.  Whom mostly transitioned into the Apostles.  They were pushed out of Jerusalem to create the first Churches.  In the book of Acts we see what the Church was intended to be.  People with people. Growing in Christ together.  

Reading the books that follow to a few of those Churches we read of the need to not forsake the assembly of the Church.  We read of spurring one another to love and good deeds.  We read of how to grow in Christ. 

Christians ought to be ready, willing and able to jump to the needs of others in Christ.  That's what family does.  We shouldn't be silent when a brother or sister is going through something.  We shouldn't be looking the other way when a need presents itself. 

In Christ we have a responsibility to others who are in Christ.  

We cannot go it alone. 
We cannot grow in Christ by trying to do so. 

We need the personal support that's found as a brother and sister in Christ.  Men should be helping men as mentors. Women should be helping women as mentors as well. 

We ought to be living a life so that our good works cause those outside of the body to still glorify God.  

Are you available?  That's a song that we sing at Church. "Available" by Elevation Worship.  Here is a link:  Available

Are you available when God speaks?
Are you available when someone you know is in need?
Are you available to help your brothers and sisters in Christ?

We will always be thinking that we are at our worst when we get honest with ourselves in the presence of a brother or sister in Christ.  We need Biblical honesty. 
We need people who want Christ to show in our lives. 

Have you been trying to go it alone? 
Been hard hasn't it?  

Pray for someone to come into your life to help you be the person that Jesus wants you to be in Him.   Don't fear where that road may lead.  Fear has kept you from freedom for far too long. 

It's time to live out who you are meant to be in Christ. 

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