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The Coming of Jesus who will stop it?

The Coming of Jesus who will stop it?
by David Brenneman 

It's an easy scene...we're used to it in the coming months.  A baby wrapped in swaddling clothes laying in a manger.

Let's start with that. 

Swaddling clothes were Joseph's burial clothes.  Most don't realize that in that day you actually wore on your person what you would be buried in.  It's fitting in the sense that Jesus came to die.

A manger because...and as we have often heard in the story in Luke, there was no room for Him in the local Inn.  

But had you read the not so pleasant parts of that story?  Go to the book of Luke. Read from the beginning.  Most consider what Judas did as the attack of Satan to kill Jesus.  To try to stop the Father’s plan.  Read that again. Satan's attempt to stop the Father’s plan. 

Now as you read from the beginning of Luke you find that this wasn't Satan's only attempt. He tried using various people in authority to seek out and kill Jesus before He ever got a chance at living a life. 

One murdered every male child under a certain age trying to kill Jesus.  Great sorry began His life on Earth. 

Several times people sought to have Jesus killed.  We don't like to read those parts at Christmas time.  Jesus DID come to die. But on the Father’s timetable. 

We can read in Revelation of the fact that an asteroid WILL strike the Earth. NASA has indeed been, along with various other countries and governments, to create some defense against this happening. 

Satan is, to this very moment, still trying to thwart the Word of God.

Those attempts on Jesus's life I mentioned?  All written about in the Old Testament. Those weren't flukes.  Those were fulfilled prophecy.  Satan's attempts were already known by God long before Satan knew of them himself. 

So why so long until Jesus returns?

You, my Dear Reader are why.
Yes, You. 

The Father’s plan includes you.

You are 1 of countless trillions of reasons why Jesus was put on that cross that is celebrated at Easter. The other bookend of Christmas.  You were what held Jesus on that cross. 

He easily could have stepped off of the cross and obliterated His opponents from ever existing. He could have actually stopped Satan at his fall long before he infected and influenced Adam and Eve to sin. 

So while yes, Satan's been trying to stop even 1 single thing about what's written in the Bible from coming true, you are the reason that Jesus hasn't returned yet.

Jesus came, at the Father’s behest, to seek and save the lost in this world.  He came to die, to provide a way for you to live. By accepting His free gift of salvation that is.  But what is this and why let it drag on?  What about all of this with Satan has to do with you.

Every single person is unique in the eyes of God. 

Every single person has a unique mind and heart as created by God.

Which means that it will take a unique set of particular circumstances in your life for you to understand that He loves you, that He loved you enough to die for you.  

It's called grace, it's called mercy. 
Grace as defined by God's Word is unmerited favor.  Not giving you what you do deserve as children of sin.  We are all born in sin.  We cannot separate ourselves from it remotely. 
Mercy is His giving us what we don't deserve.  A chance at His forgiveness. A chance at a real, full, life. 

So attempts will be made to keep you from understanding. Attempts will be made to keep you from realizing that Jesus is waiting at the door of your heart and life.

You will be lied to about everything right down to your identity as a human being. You will be put under pressure to stay away from what it means to be a Christian. 

You will face mounting pressure to not give what I am saying a second thought. 

The prophecies of the Bible have always come true. 

In reality all major prophecies have already come true. 

It's pretty much down to whomever that last person who will be saved is saved in Christ Jesus. Then Jesus will return for all who have ever been saved. Then the last of what is in the Bible will come true in whatever is there about the judgment of God upon Israel and mankind.  

So please consider what's before you today.  Jesus loved you enough to leave His perfect Heaven for an imperfect world. He lived a sinless life, took your place on the cross.  He died for you so that you may live.  You indeed still have a sentence of death upon you if you haven't come to Christ for salvation.  This sentence means eternal separation from God. Right now it's temporarily in Hell. In torment. After the 7 year Great Tribulation, after the thousand year reign of Jesus Christ on this Earth, it will be in a place called the lake of fire.  There's no party going on in Hell. Truth be known, Satan's never been there. Even Satan knows about it, knows why it exists. He knows he's lost a great many demonic followers to that place.  Even he cannot get them out. 

The real reason why people often mock God and laugh about Jesus returning is the lack of true understanding that He is patient. He isn't willing that any should perish but that all might be saved. Time is running out. 

Remember: this is the Father’s plan. 

As Jesus said: By the Father’s own authority He has set a day as THE day.

After He arose from the dead, Jesus was reunited with His Father and now knows what that day is. Satan does not know it.
It's why he keeps an Anti Christ ready in every generation of people. 

Satan cares not about you going to Hell. 
He just doesn't want what the Father wants for you.  He doesn't want you going to Heaven to be with Jesus. 

Stop and think about your life. About what's keeping you from saying you want what Jesus wants for you. 

Today could be that day we all hear that shout from Heaven to come home.

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