Saturday, October 15, 2022

What is Light?

What is Light?


It's an interesting thing light. It illuminates. It reveals the truth about what we visually perceive, regardless of if our minds accept what is seen.

I use a few apps in my daily reading.  It was interesting that it turned into a word study this morning about the effects of the Light of Jesus Christ when the images that the app offered for sharing were of various translations. 

Light is indiscriminate. Light enables the unbridled truth to be seen.  It has but one job and it does it faultlessly.

This world is currently under the 'rule' of Satan.  Within limits set by God in order that the plans and purpose of God be fulfilled concerning salvation and the putting to an end of the effects of sin in mankind. 

People are fooled quite easily by the slight of hand tricks of the enemy of God.  We are easily convinced of things that aren't true.   The thing about the Light of Jesus Christ is it always bears the truth. He IS the Truth. 

Our lives easily get filled with other people's ideas on how we should live. You don't have to look for long on LinkedIn to see thousands of people telling you that you must become a good leader.  You get on Facebook and their "Community Standards" dictate what you are to be like on there.  You are in a Public School you are told how to shape everything from your gender to your career.  That's the world in which we live.  All the world believes it knows the truth.  Truth is the only one with the truth is Jesus. 

He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.  Mankind has an eternal future. It's based entirely on the acceptance of the Truth.  You either believe and ask for the free gift of salvation through Jesus Christ alone and spend eternity with Him or you reject that truth and spend eternity paying for your sins in torment.  There's nothing in the middle.  That's God's own truth. 

That's not an opinion. That's the truth of the Gospel.  Jesus said that no man or woman can come to the Father but through Him.  No man or woman will ever see Heaven without the seal of the Holy Spirit by way of salvation in Christ Jesus.

Our Earthly choice concerning the light of truth determines our eternity. 

Jesus reveals the truth in this dark world. 
There's nothing you have done nor ever will do that He won't know exactly what was on your mind while doing it.  He is Truth. He knows. He knows the hearts of mankind.  He sifts the hearts of mankind.  He knows.  That's what the truth is.

You can fool yourself but you will never fool Jesus, the Spirit or the Father. 

We read from Jesus Himself what Hell is like.  We read in various places in the Bible what Heaven is like. We read of the bitterness and anger people in Hell have at God.  In Hell everything that mankind has done to hide from the truth has been stripped away and the truth of the souls of people are what remains.  Weeping and gnashing of teeth is the constant in Hell. Rejoicing and peace that passes all understanding is in Heaven.  Torment exists in Hell. Torment will never be seen in Heaven.  That's the truth as stated by Jesus. 

This world isn't going to get better until after the 7 year Great Tribulation that the Bible says is coming.  Then for a thousand years Jesus will physically rule this world Himself.  The world will know what real governance is about.  The world will not rebel against Jesus during this time.  Satan's influence will be severely curtailed because he will basically be in prison for this time period.  

The truth of God is there's a way and it's called Jesus. You're not going to lose out on living life by coming to Christ. You're going to find out what really living life is. You're not going to be alone because Jesus will be with you always. You're not going to be defenseless because He will be your defense.  You're not going to see the world the same way again because the light of Jesus Christ will show you what you couldn't see before.  The truth. 

My Dear Reader time isn't on our side. 
The Bible says that the Father has set a day on His own authority as to when Jesus will return.  It's pretty much known that most every prophecy that has needed to happen before that time has happened. So imminent as the Bible says is certainly imminent.  Please consider the truth of God. Please consider what your eternity is going to look like.  

Jesus loved you enough to come and die in your place if only you would ask.  You must ask Him to be the forgiver of your sins. You must ask Him to save you.  

The light cannot be anything but what light is.  The Light of Christ cannot be extinguished, put out, or overcome by falsehood. 

Jesus is patiently waiting for you. 

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