Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Don't Like to Hear About Judgment?

Don't Like to Hear About Judgment?
by David Brenneman 

You think that people are angry these days?  Oh anger is coming.  People everywhere, in every tongue, tribe and nation will be angry at the truth of the Bible concerning salvation in Christ Jesus alone. 

When people find out that the Rapture of the Church was indeed no fairy tale. 

When millions of people vanish regardless of where they are or what they were doing. 

Great multitudes will bust open the doors of churches everywhere seeking answers.

Yet they will be met with a silence that speaks volumes.  That silence will declare that they missed the opportunity of an eternity, but not without a hope.  Salvation will still be possible, but they won't be leaving like the rest who had.

Only by way of salvation through Jesus Christ alone can you pass out of judgment into eternal life.  

Scripture says through the Apostle Peter that by no other name given to man under the Heavens must we be saved. That name is Jesus.

My Dear Reader, you will be among those left behind if you are still on the fence about needing to be saved.  Satan owns that fence. The fence of indecision is in and of itself a choice, a decision not to accept the truth of God. 

My desire in these years that I have on this Earth is to keep pointing people to Jesus. 

Jesus saves, people do not. Jesus died that we might live. We cannot know what it means to truly live until we are made alive in Christ. 

We watch videos of "Karen's", people who are so blind with rage and hate that they cannot see how they are behaving. 

We don't see our lives as God sees them.

We might think we're doing ok without God in our lives.  That way of thinking leads to eternal separation from God in torment, paying for our own sins.  Jesus revealed that aspect of Hell in talking about the Rich man and Lazarus.  Jesus always spoke the truth. 

Jesus said that apart from Me you can do nothing. You cannot be good enough to save yourself.  Sin is in your DNA and can only be removed by what Jesus alone had to do. 

Consider it well. At any moment it's possible that those saved in Christ Jesus will hear a shout from Heaven to "Come up here!". Only those who have died in Christ or are alive and have placed their faith and trust in Christ Jesus for salvation will hear it and will leave at that time.

The next 7 years will be literally something like Hell on Earth. In between a global Leader demanding he be worshiped, the global economy will have tanked and be rebuilt with this leader in mind. Those still here will worship or die. You won't buy or sell without giving allegiance to this leader.  Matters not the country.  Add to this horror, judgments from God will be impacting the world. 

Jesus is the only way, the only truth and the only life. No one comes to the Father except through Him.  You cannot see Heaven without going through Jesus. 

Life will never cease to be complicated. You will always have thorns and thistles to deal with. You, my Friend, do not need to go it alone.  In Christ Jesus we have an Advocate, one who stands in the way of life's happenings.  In Christ we have a hope the world cannot know.  We can take worries and give them a direction in prayer.  We can, through Christ, move mountains that seemed impossible. Been there, done that with Him.  

At any moment it's possible that Jesus will return.  

Are you ready?  

You might not like to hear about the judgment of God.  Those who have given their lives to follow Jesus do not face that judgment.  The Bible says that there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.  In Christ we do not stand condemned. He took our sins away. Cast them as far as the east is from the west, remembering them no more. 

You do not need to fear the judgment of God.  Salvation is as near as your next thought, your next breath. 

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