Monday, October 10, 2022

What We Choose to Take Inn...

What We Choose to Take Inn...
By David Brenneman 

Colossians 2:9 NASB 

No, that's not a typo.  It's been a warning throughout my years to not allow anyone from People to Satan or his minions to live rent free in my head.  An inn is a place to stay.  What we allow into us is what eventually comes out of us.  Another saying is: garbage in garbage out.  

We read there in Colossians 2 of being taken captive.  We can easily, unwittingly, be taken captive by the teachings and words of others.  Commercials are the easiest examples.  You are given suggestions and the intent is to influence your choices.  In regards to all things in your life you will run into those who will, either with good intentions or bad, try to influence you in what you see, hear, think, feel and do.  You will face it every day. In most cases we determine what we face as harmless and don't see the need to count the cost.  Truth is there IS a cost.

Why would there be so much REPEATED teachings on how to live the Christian life?  Once or more times a week you are hopefully guided into living a Godly life.  The rest of the week you are bombarded with how the world wants you to accept its definition of life. 

See to it that no one...Paul spares nobody from being an influencer.  

Philosophy and empty deception.  Useless things that do nothing towards Godly living.  Nothing that causes growth in Christ Jesus.  Nothing to spur us on toward love and good deeds.  Nothing that produces sanctification in our lives.  

We are easily able to justify what feels good based on what we understand and what other's have presented. 

Was also reading in the Old Testament this morning.  In it was the ramblings of someone attempting to persuade the people of Jerusalem to give up with the promise of fantastic gifts to all who would surrender. They said nothing in response because that was King Hezekiah's orders. 

In this passage we are given orders to not give in, not to listen to such things. 

We are to be like the Berean Church. Examine what we are told by the world through the Word of God.  To not just accept what we are told. To not give what is in our lives meant for God to waste. 

Indeed we will face harsh criticism from both sides.  From those claiming to be Believers and those whom have not yet believed.  We aren't here to please others.  We are here to be the light of Jesus Christ to a lost world.  We are here to share God's truth with others.  We are here to be obedient to God's calling in our lives even if it's not popular.  

Scripture says that those who choose to live Godly in Christ Jesus will be persecuted.  Expect people not to get it. Expect people to be in your face about your choices to stay true to God's Word. 

You may take some hits. But don't lose heart or hope. It's why we have Spiritual Armor to wear. It's why we fight on our knees. It's why the Spirit can go where we cannot.  

You indeed are to witness to others...and indeed as it was said...if you have to...use words. 

Life is going to be rough when our adversary roams about seeking someone to devour.  Sit on that for a moment. 

He is looking for someone who's let their guard down. 
He is looking for someone who isn't in to praying about choices. 
He is looking for someone who isn't taking their walk with Jesus seriously. 
He is looking for those who would compromise what they believe for momentary joy.
He is looking for those who would trade God's plan for them for a supposed peaceful life.

He isn't going to ignore anyone. Sit on that for a moment. 

Our life in Christ Jesus, by way of His salvation promise, is indeed secure.  It cannot be taken away. 

But while we are in this mortal body we face the impact of a sin nature that's still within us. We deal with choices every day to decide to follow Jesus or follow the world.  From eating to philosophy of living life.  

Set your minds on the things that are above and not on the things that are of this world.  This isn't a suggestion.  Our minds are to be putting what God wants as our number one priority.  It may indeed mean forgoing what would bring an apparent moments happiness.  Satan's out to distract us to slow or starve our sanctification.  He doesn't want any Christian to be a fully devoted follower of Christ Jesus. 

Start your day in prayer. Don't let down your guard.  Look at what you've allowed yourself to believe.  Are those things God honoring? Are those choices going to bring sanctification?  Will you become more like Christ in believing them?

What you choose to take inn...

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