Monday, May 27, 2019

Accepting Reality

There can be no acceptance by those who live in darkness to the Light of this world as long as they reject it.  Sounds simplistic enough but the truth is this, no the darkness of this world isn't getting stronger.  No, like what happens in virtually every sci-fi movie n TV show made, there will not be some grand event by mankind to reclaim morality and all that goes with it.
Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and THE Life. NO man or woman comes to the Father but through Him.  Evil is on the rise, most of the professing Church is infected by worldly ideas of greatness.  Jesus said that if they (the World) hates Him they will hate us too.  He goes on to say that people will infiltrate the Church to find out what it really is. That people in the Church will accumulate for themselves teachers who tell them what they want to hear.
People don't want to hear of how ugly sin is. They don't want to hear of how evil sin is and that it's responsible for what you see in the news.  Jesus only healed 2 kinds of people. Those truly sick or those who were demon possessed.  No psychological this or that. Which means there are only two kinds of people today. Those who are truly sick or those who are demon possessed.  But Churches today want to only talk about one side of the Christian life. The joy, the blessings, even the treasures mentioned in the Bible. Yet they tend to neglect to mention the fact that there's a war going on. Not everyone who name's the name of Jesus as their Savior will have a joyous happy life.  Many in the world die almost immediately after confessing Jesus as Lord. There are indeed promises in the Bible for believers, but the greatest was "today you shall be with Me". We, like everyone, are not promised a tomorrow.  We are promised that a man’s enemies will be members of his own household.  We are promised that we will have life more abundant.  Meaning deeper lows and higher highs than we could ever get through without Jesus.  Listing God's promises is a good reminder but it doesn't take the place of a relationship with Jesus.  Paul had times in his life when he despaired of it.  Sound joyful and full of blessings?  Hardly.  We who follow Christ need to be on our knees more, praying more, getting truly discipled to be who The Father meant us to be in Christ.  Want to change the world?  Here's your chance. Pray. Confess, let go of what you are holding onto. Forgive. Both yourself and others. Talk to Jesus.  Tell Him about your hurts, your pain.  We don't have a Savior who doesn't understand. He went through it all.  Tired of hearing about shootings, abortions etc? Pray.  The power of the believer is in his or her prayers.  We won't see the end of them, but we might just save a few.  Jesus said He was the Light of the world. That the darkness did not understand it. So He taught people, not just His Disciples but the crowds that followed Him. In the Temple.  Wherever the Father lead Him to go.  We are the Light in this world if we have Jesus.  People are going to be haters.  It's not us they hate, but the Light.  To be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord. We have nothing to fear. If something happens to me, in the blink of an eye I stand before Jesus.  So tell me is that a bad thing? 
Hardly.  Before Christ comes, the cup of the Gentiles must be full. It's getting there. Quickly.
Gentiles are anyone who isn't a Jews.  The iniquities or sins of the Gentiles are filled a cup of wrath that will be dealt with by Jesus. The time is coming.  The atrocities against man, the abortions, mass murders, genocide, rapes, thefts, murders are increasing. Jesus said it would be that way before He returns.  I am ready, are you?

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