Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Not Freedom to waste

For you were called to freedom, brethren; only do not turn your freedom into an opportunity for the flesh, but through love serve one another. Galatians 5:13

There's so many today who profess to be Christians, yet go off and do their own thing.  Give God maybe a Sunday morning or two and that's it.

Is that how you honor and respect the one who was tortured, humiliated, and brutally killed on a cross for everything YOU did?

Yes, He arose 3 days later to victory, but is that how you live out your life? 

I am just calling a spade a spade here. It's one thing if your job takes you away from Sunday's to go to church.  Quite another when you consider it optional.  That it doesn't really matter. 

We owe a life-debt to the one who took our place.  Taking up our cross is to bear up under the load of our lives with the full intent of living for the one who took our place.  It's not about ignoring our calling.
It's not about getting out of Hell free.  It's not a license to go on sinning like nothing ever happened. 

Well, Scripture says we will know people by their fruits.  We will be able to see if they are believers or not. We will see by their actions. Scripture also says we are not to continue in sin just because we have Christ's unmerited favor, or Grace as its called. That's in Romans.

In Corinthians it tells us we are part of the body of Christ.  Now, in a body, be it animal or human or even insect for that matter, every part has a purpose.   Nothing was randomly placed. Didn't just pop in there out of the blue and begin to do something.  When all parts of the body are doing their part, the body is in fantastic health.  When part of a body starts doing its own thing. Grows abnormally. Attacks other good cells. That's typically a disease.  The most commonly known is cancer.

If you aren't living your purpose in Christ, as a Christian, then what are you? 

Several Disciples thought about status being important.  Jesus taught that it shouldn't be that way among them. The last shall be first and the first shall be last.
Paul mentions that there are honorable and less honorable parts of the body. Some are the glue that helps hold it together.  Some are the eye, some are the hand. Some are elbows.  Each part has a function.  One should not be jealous of other parts nor should they try to be what they are not.

We live in a time in history when practically every fantasy, be it good or bad, legal or illegal, can be had.  Distractions abound.  Idols are everywhere.  For decades Television has been telling us to live in the moment.  Do it. Live for yourself.  If you don't, you will miss out.  Climb that corporate ladder.  Get all you can out of life. Don't take it from anyone.  You deserve it. You earned it.  If it feels good, do it.

Notice anything wrong with all that?  It's selfishness. It's self-centered.  It's also the very thing that Satan started with Adam and Eve with.

What we have in Christ isn't to be lavishly spent on ourselves.  It's to be used to show others that Christ wants a relationship with them.  Not gallivanting around everywhere avoiding God. Not being a workaholic trying to be the next millionaire.  Not immersed in a job or sports or anything to the end of all else.

We, who are in Christ, have a job to do.
We have a mission to complete.
We are Ambassadors of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Ask Jesus.  He will show you what your role is. What He needs YOU to do.  Fear not concerning what it may be.  The Spirit will teach you, empower you, to do whatever it is. As Isaiah said, Here I am send me!

To be honest, that's the largest single problem that I messed up with (from my viewpoint) in my life.  I thought I knew what Jesus wanted of me and I jumped in before I knew how to swim.

But the opposite is the issue.  Not doing what we know God is wanting of us. We go on living our lives our way.  Not giving God the time of day until maybe next Sunday.  Is that you?

A very big indication is what consumes your thoughts.  Your actions are born out of your thoughts. 

Where do your thoughts take you?
Are they only on you, or are you asking Jesus what's next? 

If we are indeed praying Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done. On Earth as it is in Heaven.  Then what ought our priorities be?  Who is holding up the return of Christ?  Could it be Christians not doing what they should be?  Think about that.

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  1. EEEEEeeeeeWWWWWwwwww !!!!!
    Sit back people and chew on this one and understand what we are to do with our lives for CHRIST !!