Sunday, May 26, 2019

What Shall We Say

A Memorial is when we think on some act or event in as much as it is an object.

There is a Vietnam War Memorial. The Lincoln Memorial. The various Civil War Memorials. 

In their own way, those side of the road Memorials stand out.  The song 3 Wooden Crosses. 

At its root it's paying respect and honor to some person or people.  In the New Testament many of the Saints of God are named in memory of them. The things they did.  A woman who poured perfume over Jesus to anoint Him for burial.  The Widow's mite story.  The various acts of the Disciples.  What John the Baptist did.

We know brave men and women who have went beyond great lengths to serve our country.  Or even have engaged in great battles within their own bodies fighting terrible disease. 

Both in memory of what He did and is doing, we remember Jesus.  He is both remembered in memory of what He did on the cross as well as is doing at the right hand of the Father in Heaven. 
His universally monumental sacrifice eclipses every event in human history.
He was beaten. Whipped. Scourged. Spit upon. Mocked. Ridiculed. Nailed to a cross.  Hung up for all the universe to see.
The symbol of the cross is a Memorial of a kind. An empty cross represents the fact and truth that He is no longer there. His work at saving mankind is finished.
His work at interceding for mankind had began when He sat down at the Father's right hand.

No one greater has ever lived and is living than Jesus Christ. 

This world is not my home because of My Savior.
The possessions that I truly have are safe in Heaven because of My Savior.
The life I try to live is only because of My Savior.  I owe Him my life.  I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for Him.

My life as a believer is never going to be summed up from where I went or what I did for me.  It will not be about where I went or what famous people I knew.  It will not be about the cars that I drive nor the house in which I live.  It will not be about sporting events or movies that I have seen.  It will not be about which television shows that I liked.  It will not be about where I have traveled to. 

My Life will be seen for what I did as a Believer representing Christ.  My knowledge of things is worthless compared to knowing Jesus.  My abilities are worthless compared to knowing Jesus.  I stumble and fall every day. But He stays with me, lifts me up, cleans me off and we begin the day once more.

I am never alone.  In my sin He is there, in my walk through life, He is there.  In my good times and bad He is there.  He keeps His promises even when I fail Him. He continues to work with me and through me for His good pleasure. 

So I look back at what He did for me 2000 years ago and at the same time I thank Him for what He is doing now. The Memorial, the Memory and the Activity of my Living Lord and Savior. 

I am in awe and am amazed daily that since the beginning of this blog that every single day Jesus gives me something to say.  Something to share with all of you.
I loved to write but didn't know what to write about. I loved to share about Jesus when I first came to Him in the 70's. But was quickly silenced by kids in my elementary school who overwhelmed me with their mocking and harassment. Now I get to shout it from my home to all the world thanks to Jesus.  He made a way.

Jesus's love is the root of what we remember in Memorial of His obedience 2000 years ago to His Father.
Jesus's love is the root of what enabled Him to rise again from the dead.
Jesus's love for you.

Jesus loves you.

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