Saturday, May 18, 2019

What's on my mind

What's on my mind?  Funny you should ask.  What's on my mind is what's coming soon.  I can feel it in my soul that time is running out on people deciding to accept Jesus's offer of Salvation or rejecting it.  The evil that is on the rise in this country from the government on down is saturating our culture with such levels of sin that it's astounding to see and hear.  God will not strive forever concerning man. He appointed a day of judgment, a day of His return.  The atrocities committed by people within THIS country are incredible.  For fear of losing 'their' rights, people would murder their own children.  For fear of losing 'their' way of life, which runs contrary to the Bible, they try to pass laws forcing people to accept that which God calls sin.  Look at the Old Testament. God will only allow it to go so far. 
I say all this not to put a cloud of doom over this country, but to spur people on to pray.  Prayer can change everything. Prayer can turn what seems to be a bad situation and turn it into one that causes people to rejoice.  Prayer can go where we cannot.  Prayer can do what we cannot. Nothing can stop the Holy Spirit from going and doing God's Will. Prayer can heal. Prayer can change the direction of a country.  But only for those who are saved by what Jesus Christ did on the Cross. For those who read this who are saved. Stop and pray. We cannot stop the downhill spiral of this country into the social-religious abyss that it's heading for that's spelled out in the book of Revelation, but we can slow it down. Give others a chance to come to Christ and be saved. One day millions will vanish from this earth. That day will be soon. Jesus is coming to take home to Heaven those who are His.  It won't be a party time. Great wrath is coming after that happens. Read the book of Revelation.  Billions are going to die. I pray for this country. I pray for our President, the Vice-President. You may or may not like him, but God put him there. Only God establishes kings and rulers and removes them. My heart is heavy for those who choose sin over salvation. If you think this world is rough now, after Jesus comes and gets those who are His...this place is going to get a thousand times worse.
In 1975, Jesus came and saved me.  The least I can do is what I can for Him. The least I can do is tell others about Him. Show them there is hope in Him. My hope is in Him.

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