Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Signs and Wonders seek Not

John 4:48 "So Jesus said to him, “Unless you people see signs and wonders, you simply will not believe.”"

Is this you? The not so funny thing is, this world is being prepared. Prepared for what, you may ask?  That they will indeed believe signs and wonders.

The Antichrist and those who are with him will indeed perform various signs and wonders.  People will indeed believe him.

People will be eager to follow.  Their desire for supposed relief that great that when he is on the scene people will indeed believe what they see him do.

Movies are 'entertainment'!  Some. But the reality level and scope is to get into the parts of your mind that otherwise wouldn't be accessible.  Same goes with television.  Same even goes with sports.

Why these?  Think. Someone comes up to you. With their speech they reveal a great deal about their intentions.  If it's something that you are vaguely interested in, your guard comes down.  If it's something that irritates you, you fortify your defenses.  A movie, tv show or sporting event bypasses your defenses.

I have seen college's and universities take on whole academic courses to try to create what was science fiction.  A television show had that great an impact.
Millions of dollars spent and are still being spent. 

All the money in the world will never stop the inevitable.  Death comes to everyone.
Christ is still returning.  Superman and Batman do not exist.  It matters not that transparent aluminum exists. It matters not that a particle of matter was 'beamed' from one side of the room to the other. Millions spent that really didn't need to be.

The Bible will still be coming true. The return of Christ will still happen.

People still think they need to be shown.  At work data is collected at an alarming rate.  All in order to keep things flowing.
Why? Because Satan knows as well as Jesus that he can't stop the Rapture of the Church. It's going to mess up everything for Satan.  All his centuries of trying to manipulate mankind are about to hit a cosmic speed bump.  Unless redundancy is built in using people who are unbelievers, it's going to come to a halt.
Look Satan is indeed stubborn about his plans to take God's Throne, but he's not stupid.  Obsessed for sure, but not stupid.
He will continue to do two things until the end of Revelation, manipulate unbelievers and get permission to do whatever he can to believers in Jesus.

Finding inroads to parts of the mind that he hasn't been able to is part of what Satan does.  Scripture says that he prowls around like a roaring lion seeking someone to devour.  Seeking. Prowling. Temptation.  All are to do with the activities of the mind. 

While we are so occupied with earthly matters we are not thinking about Jesus.

So people actually get to a point like what Jesus said about the Jewish people.  An evil adulterous generation seeks a sign. And the only sign it was given was the sign of Jonah. As Jonah was 3 days and nights in the belly of a whale, so Jesus was 3 days and nights in the heart of the Earth.  In 3 days, as Jesus said, if they tore down His Temple, that is to kill Him, in 3 days He would rebuild it, or rise again.  Which He did.

We live in a very evil generation.  Two things are happening.  Evil is indeed growing.  And the time draws near for Christ's return.  Whereas there are indeed people being saved.  There will come a point where the time will be up.  Jesus will stand up from His Throne and everyone around Him up there will know why.  It will be because the Father said "It's time."

I gave up on a whole lot of movie watching.  Of television and all sports a while ago.  It's still of a small amount of interest but nothing like what it was for me.  My time is better spent learning about God's word.  About praying for and helping others.  All that I own will be left behind when Christ returns.  Nobody ever taken it with them.  I see nothing good in vegging out mentally.  Resting yes, but to only a certain extent.  If Satan is prowling and doesn't sleep, then I need to be careful.

The only one in whom I believe is Jesus Christ. I seek no signs other than what He chooses to reveal.  Daniel was granted to see many things, so was John and Paul.  But they weren't allowed to share quite a bit. 

Be alert!  As the joke goes, the world needs more lerts. Seriously.  When we get lax we get lazy.  Part of my reading plan is the Old Testament.  Throughout much of it, if it really required efforts that lead to increased faith, Israel had problems following through.  They built many things to give them visual proof of their gods they left the Only True God for.  They would get rattled to the core when the Lord showed up n for a time turned back.  Then a new King would come and back they went.  Every generation seeking proof. Seeking a sign rather than living on faith.

Be careful.  Do not seek signs, do not be in awe at the things created in this world. 
Whereas there's indeed beauty to be beheld in God's creation, people are still heading to Hell. 

Keep focused on God's plan for you. Keep in His Word.  Focus on prayer.  If indeed we are to be covered in the dust of our Master, what did He do?

He knew the Word, He prayed. He let His light shine for all to see.

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