Thursday, May 2, 2019

Praying the Distance

Sort of borrowed the title from another devotional.  But it's appropriate.

Just like this, from another devotional:

What you do reveals what you believe.

Jesus gave examples to both us and His Disciples on how to pray and what things were important to pray.  He never wanted people to mindlessly pray the same words over and over again. 

Where is that a divinely inspired prayer?
Would YOU like it if every single day, all during the day, someone came to you with the exact same words, or even slight variations, all the time?

A relationship is what Jesus brings for those who believe.  Not a lecture.  Not a video series. Not something that requires social pleasantries that we do and go on our own way.

A special relationship.  Jesus wants to be in our lives. Not just someone we text now and then.  Not just someone who's got a jacket on that says 'Lifeguard' that only comes when we are in trouble.  Not someone who comes when the plumbing gets stuck.  Not some worker that you likely won't see until the next time.

A Very Special Relationship.  One where you share what's on your heart.  One where you share what's on your mind.  One where you admit your sins and ask for forgiveness. One where you learn from Him. One where you're listening to Jesus.  One where fear doesn't exist. 

What you do reveals what you believe.

I keep coming back to that line.  If you claim to be a Christian yet are not doing things like I mentioned under 'A Very Special Relationship' then are you sure you are saved?  Let me just say it. Are you saved? 

The old hymn says "Living for Jesus a life that is true. Striving to please Him in all that I do".

We are not saved in order to live for ourselves.   The world already lives for itself.  We are those 'set apart'. We are to live for the one who paid a price we couldn't afford. 

It's not a life of drudgery or shame or guilt.  The Bible calls it freedom and liberty.

How do you know if you motivates align with Christ? What occupies your heart and mind?  What do you feed your heart and mind?  When you pray, and I sincerely hope you pray, what comes out? 

Whereas 'Lord save me!' Does constitute a prayer,  it shouldn't be the only prayer we pray. 

Like I mentioned Jesus gave examples.  It all starts with 'Love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind, soul and spirit. Love your neighbor as yourself'. 

When was the last time you told Jesus that you loved Him? Hmm?  When was the last time you prayed and it wasn't a grocery list?

Praying for the same people isn't necessarily a grocery list.  If genuine concern is behind the names you pray.

Remember Jesus had a problem with people who prayed long prayers just to be heard.  Prayer changes you and the other person.  Jacob prayed concerning his brother Esau.  God changed both.  Daniel prayed and it changed him.  Job prayed and it changed him and those around him.

Do not fear being changed by Jesus! 
Geesh. If He's the one doing the changing and it brings about good things in our lives, the last thing we need is to listen to His enemy and believe lies about those changes.  Oh if I do that then this person will hate me.  Sorry, not your problem. That's God's problem.  Oh if I give that up, then what will people think?  Again, not your problem. That's God showing the world evidence that you have been with Him.

What I am slowly learning in life is to pray more, give up things more, listen to Him more and I find more freedom and joy than I have ever known. I don't miss what I used to have or used to do.

What you do reveals what you believe.

Think on that today.

What you do reveals what you believe.

When you pray, don't give up.  One of two things will happen.  Either God will change what you are trying to pray or the prayer will be His time.

We live in a microwave, genie, mentality.  Ask and get. Tap and Buy it Now. 

God says that He does things differently. 
He answers with, Yes, No. Not right now or Wait. I have something better in mind.

Never give up praying for people.  People are all that mattered to Christ before the Cross and while He was on the Cross.

People prayers are God's favorite prayer.

What you do reveals what you believe.

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