Monday, May 13, 2019

The Time to Decide is Now

To whomever is reading this...

Please please please.  Stop and consider your life.  It isn't about bills to pay. It isn't about who you are dating or are married to.  It isn't even about clothes on your back or food on the table.

Where will you be spending eternity?

I am serious.  This is no joking matter.

There's been a day set by God the Father to call home everyone who names the name of Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

If you have not, then why not?

Life is going to be a terrible terrible thing after God calls people home to Heaven.

You cannot get there on your own merits. 
You can be the nicest person you know and haven't harmed a fly, but that still won't save you.  Only by Salvation in Christ Jesus can you be saved.

I probably don't know you and I don't need to.  I know one thing about you.  Either you are saved or you are not.  There's no middle ground.  No fence to sit on.
Don't think that you can wait until the last minute either.  How do you know that you have even another minute of life left to you? How do you know whether or not today is the day you stand before Jesus?
Many thousands of people who thought they had a today coming today are now dead.

Don't sit there and think you have time.
Don't sit there in fear of what God may or may not ask of you. 

Jesus died to make it possible for you to be saved.  He arose from the dead to seal the deal. 

Google  Roman's Road. 

Don't hesitate.  Just do it before it's too late.

I'm praying for you.

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