Saturday, May 11, 2019

Where is your heart?

I am actually getting ready for bed, but a question keeps permeating my mind.

Where is your heart tonight?

Where was it today?

It was with you all day today.  Surely you must know.

Was it only thinking of you?

Was it thinking of others in a good way or a bad way?

Were you consumed with your perceptions of other people's apparent behavior or was there something more?

Our society has been contaminated so bad by selfish, self serving lifestyles.

Someone doesn't deliver in a microwave minute and all sorts of negative things flood our thinking.  How dare they!  The are...  They must be...  They certainly are...

Just stop.

Contrary to popular opinion it's not about you.  Life isn't about you.  It's not about your successes or your failures.

In the end it's whether or not the following were true in your life:

Did you love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind and Spirit?
Did you love your neighbor as yourself?

Being bitter towards anyone, to the extent you defame them. You slander their name, without knowing their circumstances is wrong. It's sin.

Think about your heart. Think about who you interacted with today.  Did they see Jesus when they saw you or did they simply see just you?

Was there grace and mercy in your voice, your thoughts and actions or was it something else?

Hey, don't think that I am pointing fingers. 
This is as much for me to consider as you.

When I review my actions and behavior, did I represent Christ or me?

Have I somehow messed it up today?

Then, my friend, I would stop now and ask for forgiveness.  Some one-on-one time with Jesus is in order.  Our lives are to reflect the light of Christ in us.  Not show the world our dark side.

Jesus said people will have problems with you only because you belong to Jesus.
He said we would have troubles.  He told us so we shouldn't be shocked or surprised by it happening to us. 

We shouldn't fly off the handle when He told us to expect it.  We should be ready to forgive. 

So...before you close your eyes.  Go back over your day.  Look where your heart went.  Look.

We have a mediator in Jesus who knows and understands.  So be honest with Him and you.

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