Sunday, May 19, 2019

Deeds of Darkness

Deeds of darkness. A simple look at the headlines of today shows a great list of them.
The atrocities against man and beast. Against this world we call Earth.
The delusions of so-called experts, trying to explain away why people are the way they are.
God said in His Word that because of sin mankind, apart from a life saved through Jesus Christ, is desperately wicked. A Christian is far from perfect, but through the power of Christ can squelch the power of sin. Sin brings out the worst forms of evil.  It's extremely deceptive. Even it's form of truth is a lie.  People committing the things they do are justified in their own minds. They gather others to join them in their lies. In Christ, there is freedom. In sin the person is a slave to sin.  In Christ we won't be necessarily given health, wealth or prosperity, but we will have a peace that passes understanding. The hold of sin is broken. It's not to say Christians can't willfully sin. To a point Jesus will chastise and try to turn such a one back to His truth. Sometimes that means taking them from this world. For those still in sin, apart from God, every chance possible will be offered to turn away from sin and death to life in Christ. Everyone will be without excuse for why they denied Christ.
The evils of this world are listed in the Bible. There's nothing new under the sun. The evil potential of sin has been seen from the beginning when Cain killed his brother. The things Moses wrote about, which the Lord said ought not be done, that were worthy of death, are rampant in today's headlines. The list in the New Testament about how men and women would be is all through today's headlines.
The days of decision are coming to an end.
When Jesus returns, that's it. It's over.
It's not to say people won't be saved through the Tribulation, but they will be in it. The horrors of the earthquakes, volcanoes, floods, genocide of people all will be a whole lot worse than we watch on TV now. I won't be here. As Franklin Graham's post today mentioned, I have my invitation to the Marriage of Christ with His Church. My hope is in Jesus. The peace I have is from Him by way of the Holy Spirit.  God's showing me more and more each day about Himself and the things happening all around me. Jesus can't love you any less or any more than He does right now.  There's no need to wait for your life to 'get better' before coming to Him. He already knows. It's His shed blood that washes us white as snow.  It's what He did that makes is right before His Father.  So while I see the news, I know what's coming. The King of Kings is coming. He went to prepare a place for those who chose Him and will return.  He promised. Satan's lies will continue to mislead people, but, I read the book. He loses.

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