Monday, May 20, 2019

This Morning

This morning is not unlike any other.
However, this morning is still unique.

No, that's not a paradox.  How can it be both?

Today, if you are reading this, it means that God's granted you another day.  A day that is unique for you.  A day were His mercy is new. A day where it's up to you to ask "What are we doing today Lord?".

It likely has in it elements of your typical Monday.  Coffee, cleaning up. Making your bed.  But it also is one day closer to Jesus's return.  Are you living like it is?

It was important enough to Jesus to tell parables about.  The ruler, the land owner. Entrusting his vineyard to others.  That he would be back to get a return on his investment.  His reward was in his hand for each for what they did or didn't do while he was gone.

You see there's always only 2 options.

His way or your way.   Several workers knew their master.  They did well to work hard while he was gone.  One was more afraid than respectful.  Lived his own way while his master was gone and merely gave him back what was his. The master gave the worthless worker back his own words. That he knew what kind of master he had yet did nothing.  So he took from him and gave it to others who did do right.

Deep down we know.

We know we are to live a certain way of life. 

We know the right thing to. Yet in many cases we just don't do it.  We  choose not to.  The Bible says that he who knows the right thing to do and does not do it, sins.

So what aren't you doing today? We all face that choice.  Is it uncomfortable?

Do we please man or God?  Can we do both?  Yes. We can.  Dedicate your day to God.  Remember this day is a gift. Many didn't get one. Many were called out of this world. 

This gift does come with responsibilities.  We can either spend it on ourselves or on others.  Obedience to the one who gave us the gift should come first. 

In our world are millions who live for the moment.  Live for themselves.  Scripture says man does what's right in his own eyes.  What we should be doing is what's right in God's eyes.

So consider your day.  You're not in it alone.  Jesus is there. Would He approve of your thoughts and actions? 

My day begins with time with Jesus.  This is our day. Every day is our day. Not my day.

Is today your day with Jesus?

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