Friday, April 12, 2019

A Bigger Picture

A Bigger picture.
An interesting thing has happened with me some time ago. Praying for guidance and direction. Praying for God's plan and purpose for us. Praying concerning dreams since I had none for the future.  Praying about what church to attend. Praying about many things. 
While I was attempting to look closer, God said, "No. Step back." God CAN and sometimes does show us things that people won't tell us out right.  He can tell us many answers about a great many things if we but ask. He is the revealer of mysteries, the Creator of the universe can and often does show us things if we but ask. We live in a world that wants us to live in the moment. To not think of consequences. To not consider that God's plans for us DO exist. To be reading His Word to see the things that are about to take place. 
The pictures that God has shown me and the larger view that He is showing me has been incredible. His return is near. It is close. Prophecy is being fulfilled.  All the devices and distractions of Satan cannot prevent it. He always has an Antichrist ready.  The world is turning to heavily focus on the middle east. On Jerusalem, on that part of the world.  Which is what God said would happen and it is.

God's view is always bigger.

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