Sunday, April 7, 2019

A Disciple at Easter

A Personal testimony of my experience playing one of the Disciples in an Easter program.

Most of us have seen a painting or picture of The Last Supper.

Many of us have heard at Easter, the story about the Upper Room and the institution starting of The Bread and Cup, Foot washing and the Love Feast.

That's the way I was taught at least in the Grace Brethren.  To experience all 3 of those elements is a fantastic experience.

Interestingly enough it was at a Baptist church that I had my very minor acting debut.  As I said, I played one of the Disciples.  While it was explained, we were acting out the scenes as the story unfolded.   As I have said, I've known the story very well....well I am here to tell you that to experience that story is a whole different thing.

Picture Jesus getting up, and girding Himself, going Disciple to  Disciple washing their feet.   That singular vision has stuck in my mind for years after playing that part.  For me to have my feet washed by My Savior?  I know it was acting on our part, but I honestly felt the role I was playing.  Should my Savior wash MY feet?  Think about that!

We have attended several churches where they only celebrate the Bread and the Cup.  I do participate in that.  However, to me, it's a lost blessing to share a meal, to wash one-another's feet as Christ's example was given. He even said so. That just as He's washed their feet, so we ought to do the same.

Easter has never been the same for me since playing the part of a Disciple.  Some may think that's me over thinking it. was a gift from God that I will always remember.

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