Friday, April 19, 2019

History's Turning Point

Many devotionals go into detail about the significance of 'Good Friday'.

The day on which Jesus followed through with obedience to His Father.

The day that the veil was torn in two from top to bottom.  This was no small feat.  The veil was extremely thick. Was very wide. There was absolutely no way to see into the next room when a priest entered. It was also practically sound proof. A priest would have a rope with a bell attached tied to his foot. If things didn't go well for him they could only drag him back out.
But now..."It is FINISHED!!!" Rings out.
A tremendous RIIIPPP is heard a ways away, Witnesses there see the impossible happen.  This veil is now ripped AND they can see inside. 
Because of Jesus obeying, a way was now made, prophecies fulfilled.  Promises kept.  Was reading today of the promises being made to King David about this very thing.  Until Jesus died on the cross and descended into Abraham's bosom. David was eagerly awaiting that promise to be fulfilled.  Then Jesus shows up.  Imagine that!  Jesus shows up down there and all those who have looked forward to His appearance celebrating!  All those who were not in the side of Sheole were getting ready to leave.  All those who were in the part that could see Him were crying out for help. Begging for a second chance and getting none. In torment they were in torment they would stay until the Judgment day to come.  Jesus likely told them the same as He told the living on that day yet to come.  "Depart from Me for you never knew Me."

For those of us who are alive now.  Make sure you have Chosen Christ.  There will be no second chances.  Once you die that's it. End of the line.  The train is in the station and it's not going anywhere.

Jesus paid the largest price in history to make it possible for you to be saved.

Don't waste the life you have been given on worthless endeavors and worthless plans or things.  Come to Jesus....and begin to LIVE.

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