Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Knocking on Your Door

Taking Jesus seriously is important to life as air is to breathing.
Many variations of this photo exist.  Showing Jesus at a door knocking.  Now I am not saying at all that this is what He looked like. The important part is the door. Look closely at the door.

There's no handle.  No way for Him to enter without whomever is inside opening the door.

This depiction is Jesus and YOU. 

The closer we get to Easter the more most Bible Devotionals find things to say to tie into that Universe Changing Event. 

If other depictions could exist for other religions you would see a person with an ax, hammer, sword, battering ram, rifle, canon etc there to take down the door.  Those religions that state join us or die.  The Koran teaches that.  The great danger to many THOUSANDS of now former Muslims is that when the light of Salvation through Jesus Christ alone dawns in them, odds are family or even friends will kill them.  Really really think hard about this.
I mean HARD.  This is happening all over the world.  Right now. 
This is the kind of Spiritual War that is going on.  This isn't some TV sitcom.  This is the truth.
Jesus came to seek and save.  His enemy hates that so much he murders those who come to Christ from false religions. He murders babies in the womb. 
This war is on our doorstep.  Dr. Michael Youseff, in his book The Third Jihad, speaks of a survivor of the German death camps. God provided a way for her to escape. She never saw the inside of Auschwitz.  Years later she befriended a young boy who she had a great friendship with.  Often he would carry her groceries to her apartment. This friendship went on for decades. One day he shows up with someone who, along with him, murdered her. He turned on her. Why? He and this man were Muslims. He was reminded of his so-called faith in Islam. Witnesses say he called out to Allah as this murderer took place.
Sounds horrifying doesn't it?
It's coming to a country near you but don't expect to hear about it from your media outlets.  Satan does what works.  He doesn't care about where. Am I saying to shun and fear Muslims? No. Christ said to be a light unto the world.  Let your light shine. Show people the way to the door that He is knocking at. Let them open it to Jesus.
Let your light shine. I am not talking about Bible thumping people. If they ask, share your heart.  A shining light shows no partiality. It goes wherever it can.  It exposes the truth of situations and rooms of life.
I shared the stories to say one thing. Be alert.  We live in a dangerous world.  To be borrowing from movies, if you aren't one of Christ's you can be of Satan.  Only those who have come to Christ are sealed.  They may be attacked by Satan or his minions but for eternity they are Christ's. 
Jesus said tribulations were coming, they are part of this world.  Events leading up to His return would be like birth pangs. Happening in surges.  See any of that lately?  See even parts of our Government on a reckless drive away from rational thinking, who years ago are quoted as being the opposite of what they say today? See people in Government who a decade ago never would have been allowed to run?  See Churches closing, Churches catering to what feels good, getting huge numbers but in reality are devoid of God's truth?
A war is being waged. A world war. It not about who has the most bullets, or weapons. It's a war of the mind. It's control of what we see, what we hear and what we think. 
Satan uses everything, every form of distraction he can. Anything to keep people from answering the door.  And for those who have answered, he tries to keep them from knowing Jesus. 
Know your enemy.  Be in God's word. Be talking to Him.  There's no greater thing to be doing.
I fear not death because my life is hidden in Christ Jesus.  Those thousands being murdered by Muslims are immediately in the presence of Jesus.  Jesus said that people such as those murderers will think they are doing service to God.
Show someone the door today. Dare to be an Andrew, who brought Peter to Christ to learn for himself.  Let your light shine for all to see.

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