Thursday, April 4, 2019

Where is your faith?

I was reading in Luke 8 this morning.  I got to the part where Jesus was asleep on the boat.  The winds came, the waters surged. They were taking on water! 
They rushed to wake Him.  Did they not remember who they were with? It says that Jesus got up, rebuked the wind and the waters.  They became calm and still.

It then says that the Disciples were amazed and fearful.  Someone spoke up asking the question of "Who is this that even the winds and water obey him?"

This was after Jesus asked them where was their faith?  Did they truly believe that He was from God or not?  I had the off chance thought that the one who spoke up was Judas. 

How often are we in that same boat? Jesus is with us and we still panic when the volume of life turns up?

I will admit that on more than one occasion I have.  Jesus is still with me yet I panic. 

Whether or not we like it, think about the greatest trees we have seen, why are they so wide and tall? It's because the storms of life have made them dig deeper into the ground. Their roots run deep.

Satan roams around like a prowling lion seeking people to devour.  Just when you think it's ok he comes at you from the sidelines. 

But Jesus has never left and even today Satan has to listen to voice that stilled the waters and the winds.

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