Tuesday, April 16, 2019

A Second Look

Yesterday I shared about not being forsaken.  In the deepest sense of the word the only person who truly lived that word was Jesus on the cross when His Father looked away.  When His Father broke their connection,  when His Father could not bear to see all the sin heaped upon Jesus. 

We think we understand the word and countless many believe they have lived either moments of being forsaken or lives that seem to show it. 

Just because God appears to be silent doesn't mean at all that He's left.  More often than not it's us who have drifted.  It's us who have ventured off the path that He's wanted us to be on.  Which isn't to say that in the midst of our not being where we ought to be that He's not there.

No matter where we are, He's there.  Some know what it means that to simply be with someone is stronger than words.
Right now, with me, there are indeed things happening in my life that I don't fully understand.  I don't know if it's a level of maturity or acceptance, but my degree of crying out to God to change it is much lower than in days gone by.  I know that Jesus is with me.  I can tell He's there.  I don't understand the whys in life but am trusting that where He's leading is right.
Life isn't going to make sense.  I have a brain that strives to put all the ducks in a row.  The math needs to add up. There should be an order to things.  That what I have should have a purpose.  When things aren't right my hardwired brain tries to go into problem solving mode.  It's a vicious cycle at times.  Faith means just trust when it isn't making sense.  There's times when figuring things out is the right thing to do and I am learning that there's times when it isn't for me to know.

It doesn't mean that I have been forsaken.  It means that Jesus sees a whole picture not the small detail that I do.  It's trusting in His direction,  if I indeed believe Psalms 23.  The Shepherd leads. Not the sheep.
The Shepherd directs.  The Shepherd protects.  The Shepherd.

I don't understand what I am going through today,  but my Savior does.
I refuse to give in to worry or depression or stress. It's enough that Jesus says "Follow me." 

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