Monday, April 15, 2019

We are not Forsaken

Was reading in C.H. Spurgeon's book Morning and Evening today and this is part of it:

No person can grasp the full meaning of these words. At times, some of us think we could cry, My God, my God, why have you forsaken me? There are brief periods when our Father’s bright smile is eclipsed by clouds and darkness, but remember that God never really forsakes us. Ours is only an apparent forsaking; in Christ’s case, it was real. 

The verse was from Psalms 22:1 "My God, My God, why have you forsaken me?"

The words that came from Jesus on the cross as well.  It really hit me after reading this the truth of something that there's no way anyone will ever know who is a believer in Jesus Christ.  Being forsaken.
Being left alone.
In Christ it's impossible.  For those outside of Christ, He is simply waiting on them to come to Him.  There's never going to be a forsaking coming from Jesus.  It's the choice people make at either acceptance of the free gift of Salvation or the rejection of it.  But nobody will ever be able to say they were forsaken by God ever. 
True forsakeness is beyond anything we could ever bear, which is why Jesus had to bear it on the cross.  The Psalmist who wrote that only thought they knew what it was.  God hiding His face for a time isn't being forsaken.  Being forsaken as Christ experienced it was true, full, complete, separation.  A breaking of relations and fellowship that had never happened before and never would again.  The breaking was so bad that for that moment in time it caused Him to cry out.  But He knew that when it was Finished that the authority that the Father gave Him would enable that to resume again.  He had the authority to lay down His life and the authority to take it back up again. 

Dear reader consider your life.

You may be lonely but you are never alone.

You may be going through what appears to be Hell on Earth but you are never forsaken by God.  You may be discouraged, distressed but you can never be alone.  God is there. Jesus is there. Waiting on us to come to Him. 
The love of God is so great that over 2000 years ago you were on His mind when He was dying on that cross taking your place.

He did go through all that because He loves you. He still loves you. 

If you haven't turned from your life your way, why not?  If you are honest with yourself you will look deep within you and see there's something missing.  Something is wrong and you don't know how to describe it.  That is Christ missing from your soul.  Come today.  Find in this blog the one that mentions the Romans Road.  I do not promise that your circumstances will change but I do promise that your despair and loneliness will go away.  For the first time in your life you will finally, truly, not be alone.
For the first time in your life you will experience true forgiveness.  You will begin to experience the Love of God.

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