Tuesday, April 2, 2019


The hardest question for anyone is a Why type of question.
Why would God send His Son to save someone like me?
Why would the Lord Jesus Christ think so much about me that He would leave all that is perfect for my imperfect being?
If we listen to the voices around us rather than God, they say that God doesn't love us, never has, never will. That we are too far gone, too dirty.  That we will have to give up all the 'fun' in our lives if we give Him but a moment. That our lives are better off living for the moment.
Or to go back to the earliest question of them all. "Did God really say..."
Look at all the Disciples.  See any perfect people there? Look at Paul. He was chasing people down to throw them in prison. Wanted to put believers to death. See anything good there?
Yet, and I highly recommend the book "12 Ordinary Men", He took 12 ordinary men and cleaned them up, and gave them a new life.  A life they enjoyed. Even if you read of how they died they enjoyed a life with Christ.
Your priorities change, whether or not you are a believer.  Your job changes, cars change, houses probably change. Nothing stays the same.
"God could never love you" is one I heard a lot growing up. Not from people but from God's enemy.  Over and over God quietly showed me He not only does but always has.
His love for me has nothing to do with me. He chooses to love all Mankind. It's Mankind that chooses either to embrace that love or run from it.
His love for you is offered.  Have I any regrets in this life? Not in the way you might think.  My perception of regret has changed.  Have I missed out on living for the moment? Eh not really.  I live for what Jesus has next for me to do. His jobs are rarely if ever boring.  You want an interesting life, come to Christ. That I can promise you.  I like to understand things, learn things.  So many times my prayers are simple. Show me more.  Help me to understand.
I learn more that way than any college or university course anywhere. I don't do anything for a degree. I look forward to a crown that I will return to Jesus. I deserve death, yet He gave me life. Death had left a crimson stain, but He washed it white as snow.

Think about your why's in your life. Slow down and think. This world is moving at breakneck speed.  Step aside and think. Your future is at stake.  Satan doesn't want you to do that. He would much rather see you ignoring the quiet voice of the Spirit. Who will you be listening to?

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