Sunday, April 28, 2019

What is the door? Are you in it?

As I was reading this morning something occurred to me.  As the writer of the devotional was saying Jesus said that He is the door. Jesus also says to Ask, Seek and Knock.

But consider what we as Christians keep saying about doors of this opportunity or that opportunity.  Oh that door was closed, oh that door was opened.

Go back to what Jesus said. He is the door.

In Christ you are always standing in the doorway if your relationship with God is where it should be.  There is no closing of a door.  Jesus is the way. As long as you are walking with Him, your always in an open door.

The writer of the devotional also was pointing out that we judge our circumstances by what we see and not by what God sees.

His example was Paul and Silas.  Thrown in jail.  Oh no the door of their serving was closed! They were going to be done for.  No. God hadn't left. They were still working with Jesus.  The Lord showed up n the Philippian jailer and his household were saved. A prison ministry was the next part of God's plans.

We shouldn't judge our circumstances by what we see.  God doesn't.

I pray often for God to show me more. I need His understanding to go with what I am shown.  Only the Spirit of God can reveal the things of the Spirit.  I am still a child of God, learning how to be a child of God.  A Child learns from the one doing the teaching. 

Was reading in my Bible Plan today and as God would have it, it was the passage where Solomon had a dream about a conversation with the Lord.  He prayed for wisdom.  Look at Daniel, he prayed for understanding of dreams.  Notice that God answered them both.  I am often blown away by the WOW moments when God connects the dots.

Sometimes I have to wait for enough to connect to be able to write.  It's awesome at what God reveals.  There are even times He reveals things about other people that I shouldn't be able to know.  Yet I read in the Bible of times He did that for others too. So I am in good company.
It's nothing within me that makes me worthy of any of this. It likely has to do with giving up my wants for His plans. Giving up on my desires for His Will.

As Henry Blackaby said also "If you are walking daily with the Lord, you will not have to find God's will—you will already be in it."

The eye of the storm is the safest place to be.  Interestingly enough think of what they tell in dangerous storms.  Stand in the doorway. 

Are you?

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