Saturday, April 13, 2019

The Reality of Obedience

Having worked 10 years in the grocery industry, one of the phrases that I had heard that to this day irritates me at a level few things do. "But WHY?!? WHY can't I have it NOW!?! BUT MOM!!!" Or "BUT DAD!!!"

The reason probably is not what you may think.

It's because of how often that I have had that conversation with God.  If you are honest with yourself you will say the same thing of yourself.

We want what we want when we want it.  But that's not how it works with God.  Mankind does what it wants in its own eyes.  Over and over again in the Bible that's what is said.

We do the same thing with relationships not just things.  God is trying to be gentle about moving us on to somewhere else and rather than trusting Him, we dig our heels in, just like a stubborn donkey. 

We don't want to really believe that a season is over and that God has other plans.  God is pointing the way and it's still up to us to follow. 
Wisdom is vindicated by her children as Jesus said.  If we truly trust in Jesus, that He knows what is best, then when He says go then we should go. A Disciple was a person who saw what His Master was doing and did the same.  He didn't argue and say "But Jesus!"  Yet that's what we do.  I have done it. Usually with disastrous results. We think we know enough to do the right thing, but we don't. 

If God's telling you to do something or go somewhere other than what you are doing or where you are.  Stop and obey.  You may not like it at first but part of trusting in Jesus is believing that He knows best.  Don't dig in your heels.  Go as far as He allows and do what He asks.  It's not just food for you it's food for me too.

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