Friday, April 19, 2019

What to Do...

I am glad that from the sense of personal experience that I can never know what a life apart from God is like.  But it saddens me to hear of people who I know who don't know that kind of personal relationship.

I came to Christ a very long time ago.  1974 I believe.  I can still remember being in the Pastor's office afterwards and praying for Jesus to come into my life and save me.

As a Micah Tyler song goes "...never been a moment..."  There's never been a moment, a day, a week or year that Jesus has ever been apart from me. I may have been far from Him at times but He's never ever left me.

Yet as I look on those whom I know that are, if they will be honest with themselves,  are struggling through their lives. 

Yes be honest with yourself.  Now.

Are you ready happy?  Honestly?
Are you putting on a show for others to see, hiding your struggles? Honestly?

Are you living for yourself? Honestly?

Come now, this is between you and God. Not you and me not you and anyone.

Are you stressed and are holding it in?
Are you fighting flashes of anger that are like a valve on a pressure cooker?  No matter what you do it releases when you really don't want it to?

Are you worn down and try to explain it away but know it's because you have been trying so long in your own strength that you about have nothing left to give?

Oh reader, stop. Just stop.

The Savior of this world wants to call you friend.  He wants you to be adopted into God's family.  He is ready to share all the resources at His disposal to help you be all that you can be in Christ.

The lie you have been listening to about how much you would have to give up is just that. A lie.

What you will get is a peace you cannot explain.  A love that's greater than anything you have ever experienced.  A relationship unlike any you have ever known. 

No more pressure cooker.  No more worrying.  No more.

What are you waiting for?  Why would you choose a life whose burdens you cannot carry over one whose already lifted those things up?

Don't live the lie, live the Life!

Either look for a post on here for Romans Road or Google it.  It's time.

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