Tuesday, April 30, 2019

I sit...

How often do you just sit and don't DO anything? I mean anything. 

How often do you add to that nothing, just the thought of being still before God?

Quite a few times today a song by Steven Curtis Chapman "Be Still" kept crossing my mind.

Be still and know that He is God
Be still and know He is our Father

How often do you just sit and close your eyes and open up a prayer time and just be silent?  Sitting before God in prayer but asking nothing.  To just be with Jesus.

Praying isn't about a grocery list for our personal genie.  Prayer is our part of our relationship with God. When the world wears you down, prayer is where you get refreshing from the fountain of living water.  Prayer is where you find relief.  Prayer is where you find comfort when you just hurt too much to know what words to say.

Prayer is where we get restored after we trip, fall and fail. Peter did. We are in good company.

Just sitting and listening.  You DO realize that Jesus can and does speak to people?

If we patiently wait, we can be given answers to questions we didn't know we had need of asking.

We can have things revealed to us that but all rights we shouldn't be able to know.
Have had that happen before myself, many times.

Prayer is how we get lead through the valley and the mountains.

So try it. Jesus often got away to be by himself with His Father.  So should we.

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